Saturday, 30 January 2016

New stuff!

Hi guys, just a short post to show off some new projects for this month!

First up, a collection of 'Bones' figures from Reaper.

The lovely lady on the left is hopefully going to end up as a (much cheaper) version of 'The Red Lioness' to be used in games of Hybrid. The Rackham original is a fantastic sculpt that, unfortunately, my budget does not stretch to!
I'm hoping to paint her up to do justice to this rather incredible bit of artwork by Mr Paul Bonner =)

What I would give to paint like this...

The other two figures will be painted up to be used in RoC and suchlike. The middle mini has a good Dark Elf boss type feel going on, so we'll play on that =)
 I really like the far right figure - very mysterious and sneaky - might try some OSL painting on him!

Also on the butcher's block are the three amigo's. I started making these guys up a while back as RT Ice Planet PDF types. I think I was reading something vaguely Napoleonic at the time and wanted to try and sculpt some 'Busby' style head wear on them.

Not too bad so far, we'll see where they end up =)

Next time - some Goliaths, a scratch built vehicle for my Tiger Claws marines and with any luck, some completed Reaper minis!

C u



  1. Hi Ace,

    It's not often you hear good stuff about bones minis, but I reckon their pretty darn fine! For the price & the level of detail you can't go wrong.

    You hear people whinging about his soft they are all the bloody time! Gives me the shits it does.

    Anyway, rant over. I'm looking forward to seeing yours painted :)

    Lovely bit of sculpting there too bud. Can't do it myself, but we can't be good at everything now can we? :)

    And you've really got me excited about seeing your kitbashed vehicle too. Hope it's got plenty of obscenities plastered all over it :p


  2. Thanks dude =)

    Yeah I like the range of Bones sculpts a lot - unfortunately they just got more expensive for me here - they used to range from about $6 to $8.50 but seem to be creeping upwards to an average of $9! Considering they are made of plastic and made in china... not really that impressed.

    Lots of work to go on the IG trio - looking forward to it tho =D

    Although I don't know that the Tiger Claws vehicle will be 'covered in obscenities'... the design of the vehicle itself is fairly obscene!

    C u


  3. I haven't worked with any of the 'Bones' material before so it will be interesting to see how much detail you can bring out via paint. From what I can see, the details are rather good.

    1. The Bones stuff is ok to work with - you just have to remember that it is VERY bendy! The detail is good though and more than anything I like the range you can choose from =)
      I was just saying to Mr P above that it's a shame the price of these miniatures has crept up so much in the last year as it's starting to price me out!

      It's going to be a very crowded painting table this month. I have to get the Bones figures done, the RT PDF guys, some Necromunda Goliaths, a scratch build for my Tiger Claws Marines and a BIG model I built up a while back. I also just finished my Airfix Spitfire over at my other blog and have just started building a Tamiya A6M2b (which you will probably spot in the backgroud!)

      Busy busy!


    2. Tell me about it. Prices are so high nowadays and things are made so much worse where I'm at by a plunging currency. :(