Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New arrivals


Just managed to get my steaming claws on my very favourite thing... free miniatures!!


This is great, so basically the Chaos Renegade Fire Team (there's a mouthful) can now be completed, my (lately errant) Eagle Warriors will be getting a long over due Dreadnought (a proper lead one, you remember, the ones that break your foot when they fall off the gaming table) Some disgustingly soiled marines to swell the ranks of my ever growing Rogue Trader Renegade Traitor forces, and a whole mess of current (ish) Orks and Imperial cannon fodder.

Pics as soon as I have time.


Eagle Warriors FTW!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Re-emerging from the Warp

Yes, its been awhile I know.

Too much work in this world, that's the problem.
So whats been happening? Not as much as I'd like but I do have a few things to share with you

A couple of sites worth a gander if you like the way we used to rape and pillage dungeons and so forth.

fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming  - is a great place to get all teary eyed about those days you spent (mis spent?) as a youth with your spotty mates. Being spotty.

Warhammer for Adults

No, not a kinky 'readers wives' style dress-ups fantasy site, but a trip back to the way we used to go about our daily massacre of peaceful monsters. This site is packed full of nostalgic awesomness and common sense, the theme being again how to get the most out of what you have actually, already shelled out for. Some very nice painted mini's there as well =)

 And what have I been up to when not reminiscing? More of the same I guess.
A few undead minions to go in my quest to finish my HeroQuest collection (then its on to the green plastic... sigh) Had to overcome a problem with my plans to blow up my gaming friends in Space Crusade recently. You see at my mates gaming den we regularly get together in a group of five, which works perfectly for HeroQuest (four adventurous low-life's and one evil, dungeon owning property developer) But in Space Crusade there is only room for four mates to kill each other.
Until I came across this idea! (Sorry I cant remember where I read this first)
You play the Alien  ('cause its YOUR copy of SC...) The three mates you like the least get to play the Marines as per normal, and then the mate who cheats all the time and is well known to be a treasure stealing bitch and all around glory hog plays a FOURTH TEAM of Chaos Marines opposed to the other three!
I haven't had the time to work though all the elements of this yet but the team itself (my self styled 'Renegade Fire Team') is under way!  Yay!

Photos when its all up and running =)

Orcs can be brown