Sunday, 26 April 2015

A game of Hybrid!

Hello all!
Fuck me but does life get busy.

But despite my job (and various other things...) getting in the way - look! I managed to do some gaming!!

After tying up some loose ends at his work my gaming buddy and I managed to squeeze in a practice session of Hybrid yesterday.
The basic idea was to get to grips with the 'famously' difficult rules translations - my friend (being a translator by trade) had a jolly good time pondering the insane uses of English words =) Despite his best face-palming efforts his forehead should be back to its normal shape soon.

But with his diligence and a VERY helpful rules re write by Universal Head from 'League of Esoteric Gamers' (thank you dude!) we managed to get a brief encounter underway.

Um, not like the movie.

(Please excuse the excellent 'supernatural phenomenon' photos I seem to have taken... the lighting was a bit poor officer...)

 Griffin troops struggling to capture the central room.


 We decided to only use two different troop types each for this battle. The other figures were just there to offer moral support.

I constructed a bunch of pillars to give a more three dimensional feel to the boards, the game does come with single tiles to show their location but I felt like being a bit flash.

Did I mention the boards look fantastic?!

Well, there you go. Had to cut it short because of life and reasons, but hey, "Alea iacta est!"


Ps - I should be able to post a bit more freely soon as things are clearing up at work so, yay me =)