Friday, 21 December 2012

Merry Christmas all!

I know this hasn't been the most prolific modelling blog out there, and for such I can only mumble and look very guilty. But the mad Christmas workload is over now, and the plasticy-lead goodness beckons!

Have a bloody good time this Christmas people, may you break open many a long ago purchased kit, use up some smelly paint and for goodness sake try NOT to glue your fingers together!

Like I have just done.


Wednesday, 31 October 2012

New arrivals


Just managed to get my steaming claws on my very favourite thing... free miniatures!!


This is great, so basically the Chaos Renegade Fire Team (there's a mouthful) can now be completed, my (lately errant) Eagle Warriors will be getting a long over due Dreadnought (a proper lead one, you remember, the ones that break your foot when they fall off the gaming table) Some disgustingly soiled marines to swell the ranks of my ever growing Rogue Trader Renegade Traitor forces, and a whole mess of current (ish) Orks and Imperial cannon fodder.

Pics as soon as I have time.


Eagle Warriors FTW!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Re-emerging from the Warp

Yes, its been awhile I know.

Too much work in this world, that's the problem.
So whats been happening? Not as much as I'd like but I do have a few things to share with you

A couple of sites worth a gander if you like the way we used to rape and pillage dungeons and so forth.

fuckyeahbritisholdschoolgaming  - is a great place to get all teary eyed about those days you spent (mis spent?) as a youth with your spotty mates. Being spotty.

Warhammer for Adults

No, not a kinky 'readers wives' style dress-ups fantasy site, but a trip back to the way we used to go about our daily massacre of peaceful monsters. This site is packed full of nostalgic awesomness and common sense, the theme being again how to get the most out of what you have actually, already shelled out for. Some very nice painted mini's there as well =)

 And what have I been up to when not reminiscing? More of the same I guess.
A few undead minions to go in my quest to finish my HeroQuest collection (then its on to the green plastic... sigh) Had to overcome a problem with my plans to blow up my gaming friends in Space Crusade recently. You see at my mates gaming den we regularly get together in a group of five, which works perfectly for HeroQuest (four adventurous low-life's and one evil, dungeon owning property developer) But in Space Crusade there is only room for four mates to kill each other.
Until I came across this idea! (Sorry I cant remember where I read this first)
You play the Alien  ('cause its YOUR copy of SC...) The three mates you like the least get to play the Marines as per normal, and then the mate who cheats all the time and is well known to be a treasure stealing bitch and all around glory hog plays a FOURTH TEAM of Chaos Marines opposed to the other three!
I haven't had the time to work though all the elements of this yet but the team itself (my self styled 'Renegade Fire Team') is under way!  Yay!

Photos when its all up and running =)

Orcs can be brown

Saturday, 14 July 2012

It wasn't lies, it was just... bullshit.

Yes I know I said I only wanted to do 1/72 models this year, and as far as aircraft go thats still true.

But I found these...

and those...
My boyish days (as in the last 30years) came flooding back and now its all completely out of hand.


Still, the Spitfire is coming along spiffingly and now I get to relive my ultra silly childhood toy soldier games all over again!
The only awkward moments are when you get caught in the Toy store making machine gun noises...

I look like I could have kids... right?

Friday, 29 June 2012

Once more into the breach dear friends!

Take a look at what I just bought

Now thats a bit sexy isn't it.

 A bit of a confession to make today (don't worry, its all relevant to the Spitfire) I have never before actually made a scale model kit! I know, right? Its a bit bewildering to me as well considering how many years of Wargaming, board gaming and figure painting I have been through. 

To be totally honest it scares the crap out of me but I feel like a change.

Not to be deterred, I have resolved to make painting 1/72 scale models the main focus of several projects this year. 
Why 1/72? Mainly because I'm cheap... no, more to do with the fact that it is (from what I've seen) by far the easiest scale to buy a diverse range of figures and machines from all periods in, also I live in a shoe box sized building and any attempt by me to hang a 1/24 scale aircraft from the ceiling would probably end up with my wife hanging ME from the ceiling by... erm, something else...

So, why the Spitfire?? Well its like this. Since this will be my first attempt at a scale model, it HAS to be a Spitfire. Its the rules. That I have just made up.

Hopefully some pics of the intended disaster next post.

Great, well I'm off to glue my fingers together then, see you!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

So many Zombies

So little time.

The Zombie figures from HeroQuest were always some of my favourites, well them and the Fimir.
Always ends in an argument when you talk of the Fimir...
Not sure why.

To be honest there isn't really a dud figure supplied with HQ (in my humble opinion) although as far as outfits go I think the wizard got the short end of the stick, especially that tiara.

Just why Citadel decided that the Chaos sorcerer should have a skull for a face instead of an actual face also perplexes. I mean everyone has a skull don't they. But not everyone has an evil, twisted, possibly lacerated and or ritually disfigured, snarling death mask of a face to scare weak kneed heroes with eh??
Well I suppose in a game aimed at 10 year old's a skull is plenty scary.

So, right the Zombies. Yes... no, I can't remember.

Friday, 1 June 2012

One small step for man, one giant leap off the table for miniature kind...

Managed a trip down to the local model shop today, picked up a few juicy treats for a project that has been brewing like bad curry for some time... oh I cant wait to show you...

Actually I can, but here's a preview of what I'm thinking of;

Yeah ok so that has nothing to do with it.
Well, maybe in a sort of separated existentialist kind of way it does.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Just look at this bit of art would you, bloody fantastic!

Having a sick-day today, not as productive as I would like being that I can stay awake for about an hour at a time.
Not to be put off; I've got the first batch of Heroquest figures up on the table for a quick brush up and will hopefully have a photo or two ready to post for next time!

A quick visit to my friends has also indicated that they wouldn't mind a quick jaunt through the dungeons of Morcar (once painted) as well, excellent! Right into my trap...

Right, off to defeat that infernal "Aliens-the board game" on New Grounds.
Wierzbowski always dies...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

First posts are a bitch.

Stuff on its way, be patient!