Sunday, 20 January 2013

Christmas, Heroquest and Eagle Warrior goodness!

Happy new year all! Yes, I realise its almost February...

Had a blast over the hols, hope you all did the same  =) First up a couple of new projects a la Christmas pressies

Tiger awesomeness!
Cant wait to build this up =) I don't have any real experience building tank kits so this will be a great start.

This one was a surprise. A lovely re-issue of a classic Italeri kit (back when they called themselves 'Italaerei' which is waaaay before my time)
Have discussed the idea of a tank battle game using these awesome kits with a friend who hopefully will get into it!

On the HeroQuest front I have finally managed to get enough time/space to photograph the completed minis so far. So without further ado -

So there's the Undead portion of my Heroquest collection, I should have mentioned before that it goes beyond the contents of the original box (hence why it takes so long to paint)
I was fortunate a while back and managed to pick up a second HQ box at a dump shop for $1!!

Some filthy-mouthed chaos warriors to chase the weak kneed heroes off the board...

And a sneaky mess of poo flinging goblins to lure them into traps...

So far so good. I've also completed the Gargoyle figure but he'll have to wait until the Chaos Sorcerer is completed for a photo shoot =)

Last but by no means least is my newly acquired classic Rhino. I didn't have to assemble this as it came already built and set up as some kind of Whirlwind and sported a paint job that I wont inflict on you. But with a bit of modification and a HUGE amount of white paint I think she came up alright!

Many more Eagle Warriors to go before the army is all complete (the dreadnought is gonna be a BIG mission) But hopefully I'll have it all up here asap.

Great, so thats it for now, lots more painting to get finished and tons of new ideas and projects to get on the go. Se you soon!