Tuesday, 5 November 2013

HeroQuest - Final!

Life does tend to take a lot out of you doesn't it??

Well then, before I'm old and grey here are the last in my series of HeroQuest figures.

First up is a selection of the fantastic furniture supplied in the game.

My first furniture painting... so proud =)
The weapons rack was really the bit I was looking forward to. The only stumbling block being what colours to paint the shields! I'm always amazed how well this stuff has survived over the years I have owned it, believe me, she's seen some action!
Along with the weapons rack I'm particularly pleased with the tome on the sorcerers alter, very papery =)

Here are the Orcs

Sorry for the bad photo. I'm still getting a decent lighting system together for models and such.
As with the other evil beings I have painted them directly from the artwork on the lid. Not much I can say, they came out nice and grubby!
I actually used a friends painting technique for these models which he always called his 'Scunge' approach. Funny what you remember...

 And lastly (but by no means leastly)

The Heroes!

Great fun painting these lads. I still say the Elf was the best character (but the Dwarf was my fav)
The Wizard's tunic came out well (its a bit garish in the photo I'm afraid...) And his blue trousers (denim?? surely not!) weathered up well.
I did a lot of playing around with metallic colours and washes for their accoutrements and have to say that the Barbarians two handed sword does justice to the artwork, but that blue hue was a bitch to mix!
The Dwarf probably came out the best, but then I've always liked painting Dwarf's. The Elf was fairly boring but easy and the Barbarian, even showing all that skin, didn't prove as difficult as I feared.

So there you go, all done and ready for the slaughter that awaits in the dungeons below!
Thanks to any who have actually waited for me to post this, lots more to come as Space Crusade nears completion and vies for my time betwixt a number of other projects!
Ahh, so much to do and so little time...

C u.