Sunday, 31 May 2015

As promised, more Hybrid!

Had a quick bash at Hybrid again the other day (finally!)

This was the last practice game before we actually start trying to destroy each other for real, so no specific objectives were given to the factions (other than to kill each other)

New rules to learn for this encounter were;

- Tiny and Titan sized troops
- Auras and Mutations
- Army cards
- Event cards
- New troop types and aptitudes
- Event counters to activate

Yeah so apparently I'm supposed to know what I'm doing from now on... oh dear.

Anyway - here are a few shots of the practice for your amusement.

 'Thank you, Thing...'

I simulated being a remote-drone equipped with a camera for this shot. We will be replacing the light fitting later...

Some of the nasties involved in this scrap. "muscular hypertrophy" sounds like what happens when you spend too long playing Halo...

 Sneaking around like a pack of sneaky sneaks wearing sneakers... Nice Blade Runner shot that.

 This is where I screwed my opponents plan up by opening a pit trap right in front of the only access door to the event counters! Oh how we laughed and laughed!

 This is where my glorious attack was halted by a cowardly Executioner and some (very) lucky shooting. There was no laughing. Laughing time is over.

 The, er. Doors?

"Don't fart"

Aaaand on that note;
Cheerio =)


Friday, 22 May 2015

There's a first time for everything

So many dirty memories... anyway this isn't about those, it's about these!

A while ago (ok, ages ago) I said something along the lines of finally getting into model aircraft.
I never built up a kit as a lad you see, and for some reason the idea has always been something I put into the too-hard basket and ended up doing something more familiar instead.
Over the years I have built/painted/customized/sculpted many things in the 28mm Sci fi and fantasy sphere, I just never managed to get it together enough to give a kit a go.

No longer! I am very happy to relate that I have completed my FIRST EVAR model aircraft!

Here is (after a metric fuck-ton of wanky self doubt and deliberation) my FW190 A5-U12 =)

The kit - Academy's FW190 A6-8 1/72
 The kit is exhaustive in details - you can use it to build most of the popular production models of the FW-A series fighter/fighter bomber and includes 20mm gondola pods, a drop pod and bombs... Fuckin awesome!

 My attempt...

Yeah so its not perfect... far from it actually.

Basically I did my utmost to fail miserably at this project; starting with deciding to spray undercoat the entire model on its sprue - meaning that I ended up supergluing this kit together instead of using Poly-cement... sigh, oh the humanity.

Next up would be the fact that I used the wrong cowl over the engine - resulting in an Fw190A5 with MG17's instead of the 13mm guns it should have - then I managed to fit the 'blown' canopy instead of the 'straight' canopy, oh dear... 

The propeller looks good though.

And these are the bits that make this a 'U12' version of the type - 4X20mm cannons in two under wing gondolas. Designed to add even more firepower to the Fw's already substantial armament, specifically to deal with the 8th Air force's B17's and Liberators.
It might be worth noting that I doubt an FW190A5-U12 operated over Tunisia (which is the camo scheme I opted for) It might also be worth noting that desert camo Luftwaffe units probably didn't use 'scribble pattern' over the RLM tropic splinter scheme and that I lost the cannon barrels for the wing root guns... Whatever =)

But in the end the front bit is at the front and the back bit... is a bit crooked, but still essentially pointing in the right direction.
And doesn't she look nice =)

Yes I used a CD for the base terrain - it's all I've got right now ok?!

Here are the next two projects;

 This will be the last Swordfish that I build FOR A LOOOONG TIME... Airfix, I love you but... why??
(Looks cool though, I like to make plane noises while I glue it together... ahem)

And an unfortunately shit photo of a Spitfire Mk XIVC that is actually turning out rather well (being my 2nd attempt and all) I decided to go with the South East Asia/Burma camo on this one (even though technically that would mean this would be a MkXIV-E? - Technically, my dear, I don't give a damn...)

So there you go!
Lots of stuff on the table for other peeps ATM - but don't worry, I have all kinds of mindwarp on the horizon for you.



Friday, 8 May 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench part 2 + Jabberwockey

More smells from the land of stench, and a shot of the er... 'thing' that dwells within them!
Absolutely atrocious weather this week has curtailed my ability to give this terrain a nice matt spray finish - fuck it.
Here is a new one anyway.

Starting on a series of destroyed stone defences/dwellings (Swamp Castle?? - didn't that burn down, fall over and then sink into the swamp?)

 Nothing better than free bits of crap to make more crap out of!

 The way I've photographed this makes me think of that 'lightcycle' bit in Tron...

And here is Jim the Jabberwockey - dweller of swampy terrain and sniffer of smells.
I think he is from the Ral Partha range? Not sure - bought him a loooong time ago with the intention of using him to spice up a Heroquest adventure or two.
Probably a bit too much light on him in this pic - after cleaning him up I was originally going to go for a 'Chaotic' scheme of lurid glowing greens, aaaand then wussed out and went for earthy tones instead =)

I have a couple of weeks planned to do things for other people so prob no terrain for a fortnight - however we should be playing a game of Hybrid this weekend and there will be shots of that for you to peruse =D


Friday, 1 May 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench...

Bog of eternal terrain pieces more like...

Hey ho, a while ago my friend let slip that he had in his possession all the rules necessary to give RoC a try. Not having had the chance to play 3rd ed WFB back in the day (I'm not THAT old... ok, yes I am...) I got very excited.

Anyway, he had the rules and I had some figures; but we had nothing to fight over!

Being the procrastinatory itinerant comatose that I am, I endeavored to think of the easiest way to make up some suitable battleground terrain - and viola! Le Swamp!

Here are the first of many pieces I hope to get done for this project - all the scenic pieces have to fit on old CD's and be made out of readily appropriated materials; again this has mostly to do with indolence and financial challenge...

 Most of the colour scheme was inspired by a recent trip to Nelson.

 I'll have to do a photo shoot with my recently painted Jabberwockey soon. I like him.

 'We're lost, aren't we?... Walnuts make interesting rocks. I used them because when you can't afford to do it right, you should do it interesting.

 'I claim this land for Spain!'

 I find the best way to simulate trees is to use wood...

 And can anyone name the region of the Empire that this wandering lout hails from (or his shield at least...)

 Big impressive tussock things courtesy of my wife's ingenuity. She's very good at this sort of thing.

 So there we have it, seven done and many to go. I thought I might stop when the entire board is covered evenly with terrain. Then again I could just paint up another board...

 Speaking of the board. Don't ask me why there is a compass set on my floor. IDK.

More Hybrid thrills and spills soon.