Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Renovations, repaints and Rogue Trader.

...and HeroQuest!

HQ is all finished and done! Now if I could get a day off work and a ray of sunshine to photograph with I'd be a happy man.
The four Hero models were actually a blast to paint, all my stressing about the Barbarian's skin being a bitch to get right came to naught. He looks great! The others all resemble their 'box art' to a lesser or greater degree (I'll let you judge... when photos permit...)

So whats next, a rest? Not a bit of it!

As I write this the Blood Angels from Space Crusade are waiting to have their base coats finished. Once done they can stand next to the I.F and UltraMarines already done. After that its only a matter of painting the marines weapons and gear (pending a day were the wind is at sub cyclonic levels... how I love spray undercoating in winter) and a few finishing touches to the Chaos dreadnoughts and we're all done! Yay!

Renovations then. No, well not really but my painting room has been relocated and has become, um, a bit more cozy. On the flip side the wife loves her new big bedroom...

And this is the new pursuit. Had a practice game a fortnight ago and really enjoyed it. Not usually interested in such small scale games (I prefer to have a bit more character to my models) but the game was so fluid and quick to learn that I couldn't resist. The good side to not being as interested in the actual models used to play is that I wont get so tied up in painting them, they'll just get done! A plus for all the other projects I'd rather be spending time on when not blowing up my friends fleets =)

If anyone is interested I plumped for the 'League of Italian States Fleet' Not sure why exactly?
When they are all done the fleet will have ample opponents in the shape of the groups Prussian Empire, Federated States, Kingdom of Britannia and Republique of France Fleets.

Repaints and Rogue Trader come in the same package for this post.

I'll just say it. I don't like GW or contemporary WH40K. That being said I don't have anything against Citadel Miniatures or anything GW came up with for 40K until 3rd Ed. I just don't like the 'modern' game.
What has this got to do with the post? Well a bit. My first army was the Eagle Warriors Space Marines (because I just HAD to be different...) and two decades later they still haven't been finished.
I had a bit of a think about this the other day and realised that the problem primarily had to do with the fact that I just don't paint the way I did back then (thank God)
The idea of going backwards in my approach to miniature painting and finishing an army that, when done, might not even appeal to me is very, um, unappealing.

So a big change of heart and a large dose of motivation has seen plans for an unloved Space Marine force to take a new shape. The sketchbook is filling up with ideas right now...Watch this space!

(Oh yeah. And theres some High Elves on the table, a plane, some Germans and a Hot Wheels car)