Monday, 23 February 2015

Amazingly Graceless

So here's a quick update on how my latest B17G and her fine crew are getting on.
Here is (please, don't get excited) - The crew of the 'Heavy Burtation'!

This is the third bird I've taken up since starting to play Microprose's 'B17 Flying Fortress' and I have to say that, by George, I might be starting to get the hang of it!!

Here is the roster, basically a list of demented escaped convicts...

This was the starting roster and Darris has been pretty lucky so far that no-one has noticed he's asleep for most of the missions (he always wears his aviators) and has actually snored his way up to Captain now!
Lance was also promoted recently, something to do with bravery I think - oh, and flying the plane for most of the time.
Gertrude the engineer is by far the best shot out of the gunners (his eyes both work and are the least crossed) and is also responsible for plugging up several of the others after they catch some bullets from the Luftwaffe!
Wankeyes does better than his name suggests when it comes time to drop the kegs...
Fuzzy in the radio room, is basically on borrowed time. He's been shot, blown up, burnt, crashed and suffocated... Wicked in a previous life perhaps??
Blamblam's taken a dislike to Fw190's and has brought down four of the buggers in one sitting! Amazing considering how much he preloads on moonshine before takeoff! Always to be found in the empty bomb bay with Dogmother (who, at the moment is in hospital getting a large caliber shell removed from his foot) playing strip poker and spanking Klum.
Squeezy the Navigator hasn't been threatened with aerial execution either as, quite astonishingly, he can both read AND knows what a map is. Amazing.

This is the 'Burt' as she stands now...

...minus the usual bullet holes and scribbled insults to the Germans (sigh, if only the crew could actually read and write...)

And this was the last Kite I took up. The ill-fated 'Cat and Badger'

Hmmm... not good... Hey, I can see my house from here!

Cool, so that's where I'm up to atm. More Painting and modelling to come, and if I can swing it, a bit more Flak, bombs and Bourbon over Europe!

Oh and...

I think I may have a problem...


Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fly the friendly skies!

And in other news...

Success! Another perfect landing =)


Friday, 20 February 2015

Mines of Moria part 3

Fuck having to work for a living gets in the way of things...

Anyway, without further ado;


Here are my nasty nocturnal ner'-do-wells (see what I did there...) The filthy um, not so few.

That, was a lot of Gobbos... I did some calculating after rounding up how long these cretins took me to splash with pigment and I think they came out at just over 4 mins each.
Thats not too bad really, considering.
Looking forward to watching these boys chase the Fellowship all around Moria, oh and to help out they brought a friend =)

That spear could have skewered a wild boar! (Not if it was wearing Mithril...) Isn't it great having big ugly beast to do all the dirty work?

Here are the scenic components from the boxed set.

So there you go. One set of big doors (impenetrable by Goblins but not by a Cave Troll) Four pillars of not getting shot at. One tomb of important dead stunty. Two tiles of dead but not important stunties. One treasure chest of miniscule riches. Two trapdoors of flatness and a well of stupid noisy fat Hobbits.
Not a bad haul for a modest set! Most of these components should come in handy for various games/adventures. I still can;t work out the 'intact' chest though. What were the Goblins thinking? -
'Nah, that fing aint wurf nuffing! S'just a 'ollow funni brauwn wrok or sumfingk...'
Mind you, what would Goblins do with gold? Buy a house in the country??

Probably going off on a tangent there.

In other news, I have started working on my big gaming project for the year...

(Big dramatic hush...)

Oh yes precious... oh yes.


Friday, 6 February 2015

LOTR Mines of Moria pt 2

Batteries charged!

Here are Freudo and the Hobbit-ses precious. With the exception of a couple of 1/72 military figures these would have to be the smallest little plastic people I have ever painted!

Look at their dirty little Hobbit feet! Disgusting. Not being a huge fan of the films I have only recently been able to tell Merry and Pippin apart, but I have to say that the sculptor/s did a good job all round on minis this size.
Sam is def my favourite pose though - armed with his uber deadly frying pan and a Goblin vaporizing stare.
Meanwhile the two twits, Mrs Merry and Pippin brandish their rocks and Freudo fingers his ring...

Ok, so dirty innuendo aside (for now) these figs were a quick paint with Sam being by far the most satisfying. My only regret is that Pippin's colour scheme makes me think he is trying to cosplay Superman...

Never mind precious, give it to us raw and wriggling...


Thursday, 5 February 2015

LOTR Mines of Moria pt 1

"This isn't a mine... it's a TOMB!"

No it's not, it's a boxed set!

Here are the snotty-nosed do-gooders from GW's 'Mines of Moria box (circa... fuck I can't remember back that far... what day is it??)

Sorry, I was going to do the heroic Goblins and their Cave Troll chum but the batteries in my camera decided to run out =(
(Don't worry, I'll get to it later)

Here is... The Smello-ship!

Gandalf came out the best I think. Nothing says 'easy to paint' like grey robes a big beard and hardly any visible skin!
I decided to go with a blue and crimson theme for Boromir as the original black robes weren't doin it for me. Legolas and Gimli were a breeze (mind you I have had PLENTY of practice painting Elves and Dwarf's over the years!) Aragorn was a prick(ly) one as his costume is very drab and there are some odd bits of molding near the figures head that just had me flummoxed (great word that)
But in the end I reckon they will do the job ok =)

Ok so the stupid fat Hobbits are next, I guess I'll wait for the batteries to charge up then... yep.