Monday, 29 June 2015

Death begets death - Wallets beget money...

Here's a little bit of info from TGN I read this morning that I thought I would share. Cant say that I have any real interest in ever giving GW money for anything ever again - but hey, I had fun with this =)

I am really looking forward to growing my GW sale potential...

New armies - Empire and Chaos. Doesn't get any newer than that.
Fascinating world - it was, that was a while ago. Now? Not so much.
I truly expect gripping stories that do not end, but I think there is a typo at the end there. I think what they meant to say was "GW will support this release FOUR years'...

So, four pages of rules.
Might I suggest that instead of treating your customers like stupid wankers by dumbing the rules down and basically re-branding checkers as a war game with pieces that cost $30+ each - MORE INCLUSIVE could, for instance, mean allowing more autonomy for players to decide how and what they want to include in their armies or perhaps lowering the prices of your product so that a wider demographic of people could casually spend money on your 'new' game while not feeling like they are being railroaded into financial purgatory? In short - what makes it easy to get into something like this is not based on the intelligence of the customer - it's based on the financial availability that customer has to take part. 

I like this one. 
When has this not been the case? I must have missed the 'age of commodity based war gaming' when you walked into a store and THEY TOLD YOU WHAT YOU WERE ALLOWED TO BUY LIKE YOU WERE A FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD.

Start with a handful of models - yeah, I know.
Build up collections over time - yeah, if I want. I might buy something else.
Games can be as small or massive as I want? No shit. I might even include miniatures from other ranges or make my own or, maybe DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I LIKE WITH SHIT THAT I PAY FOR.

Hmm. This one could prove problematic. "ALL MODELS FROM THE OLD WARHAMMER FANTASY ARMYBOOKS" you say? So, Chaos Dwarfs, Slann, Pygmies, Norse, Zoats, Nippon, Fimir, Halflings, and Hobgoblins are going to be available??
Oh, well I take it all back! Bring it on!

So there you go. Age of Sigmar. Yep...