Friday, 31 July 2015

El Salvadorian Cadillac of the sky

The latest bit of high performance metal to emerge from my hanger =)

Continuing my love of esoteric schemes for WW2 warbirds I chose the El Salvador air force (Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña) for this P51D from Italeri. I had a lot of fun with this one. It's appropriately beat up and grimy =D

 El Salvador operated a squadron of seven P51D's in what was (hilariously) named the 'Soccer War' against Honduras in 1969.

Interestingly, Honduras also operated ex USAAF aircraft meaning that both sides used obsolete allied aircraft against each other!
I love that shit!
 This kit was a bit tricky to put together, those prop blades broke off more times than I care to remember...
 The 1969 conflict was the last time the Mustang was used offensively.
Look at how grubby that looks, fantastic  =)

The base is a CD... I like using CD's.

 The original idea was to have a display base for many planes. The little horseshoe shaped thing is a washer I cut in half to magnetize it to the base stem.

 I actually found it really hard to get photos of what the ground looks like in El Salvador... this is the artists impression...


 'Off we go, into the wild blue yonder!'

 Most of the scheme came from these pics.

The next one gets this on its nose =)

Cool, so next up will be the three Focke Wulf's, and following that, something with camels!

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Is that...The Leader of the Snake Cult?!

Yes, you could argue that he's an Empire Light Wizard, but I saw something more sinister in this little piece of plastic...

Purchased years ago on the cover of a White Dwarf mag (186) I've always really liked this particular mini, although I have to admit if I had the opportunity to buy said mag again I'd try to find the one with a Celestial Wizard on the cover - he's just so cool!

He's just too cool.

To be totally honest I had a very difficult time bringing this guy to life, a gestation that has taken YEARS since being started I might add - something which led to him being nicknamed 'Shit Wizard'
Not wanting to leave him with such a title, I decided to just go for broke and paint him in the manner that I felt suited him best - an evil brainwashing Thulsa Doom-esque Cultist leader.

I don't know why I see these things in otherwise innocent war game minis... I just do.

 Painted at last and ready to steal the souls of the unwary...

 'Something, something, something... but it is not THIS DAY!'
 The veteran of many battles (mostly defeats...) This mini once faced off against a Skaven Horde led by a Grey Seer who rode upon the empty shell of a miniature RC offroader car pretending to be a Skaven Screaming Bell model... True story!

"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"


Friday, 24 July 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench - Final?

Yep, well at least that's all the swampy real estate I have time for ATM.

Another standing stone piece for the bog, ready to, er, stand there and block lines of sight (and arrows, bolts, shot etc) and generally frustrate your shooty opponents with its tall solidarity.

 Just lean back and relax.

 I like to think that some irate giant swamp dweller threw this into the bog in a fit of rage...
Of course it could just be something that used to be vertical and is now a bit wonky...

 Generally I cant stand terrain with poor posture.

Working on a large project for a friend right now, which I am pleased to say is nearing completion!
Lots more to come soon - will be starting the 3 Focke Wulf kits this weekend which should be a blast =) Whats more, the hobby store had a sale on Airfix products and I was able to pick up some RAF and Luftwaffe crew and ground personnel cheap! (It needs to be cheap for me, retail price = not going to happen...)

So, yes.


Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench part 5... Nobody touch nothin'

The ground beneath your feet is wet and mushy... the air is humid (or frosty - haven't decided yet) and smells like sneaky farts... strange noises fill your ears and you might not be making all of them...

You may have inadvertently invaded; the Bog of Eternal Stench...

Here's the next bit of terrain for my growing (spreading?) swampy mess.
This one enjoyed gluing itself to various parts of my anatomy during its creation.

 Perfectly modelled to fit the foot dimensions of a 28mm figure... actually that was just a happy accident.

 Not where the wild things are. Probably damp.

Cave exit.
Small green bushes arranged like those flying ducks on someone's wall.
Large tussock for impressiveness and extra credit.


Friday, 10 July 2015

Bog of Eternal stench part 4 - do you have to let it linger?

Good morning!

First up I'd like to say a humble thank you to all who are stopping by my little pit of insanity. I've had great fun over the last couple of years looking into what you are all up too and being inspired to push my own limits by your dedication to what you do.

The internet would be a more boring place for me without you!

So, to the wetlands?

A standing stone for the Bog has been erected. Long may it stand tall (before it too burns down, falls over and sinks into the swamp...)

 Polystyrene for this series of cheap crappy terrain is brought to you courtesy of a Malossi piston kit...
 A good picnic spot?

 Also, this piece of terrain is useful as a sundial...

New this week to the table are these delightful kits!

Plastic, plastic everywhere...
After completing my Spit MkXIV I decided it might be a good challenge to do a sort of three way 'multi-build' project, you know, something to really fuck me over and have me gibbering in the corner at the end of a hard day =)

The FW190 has always been a favourite of mine and so I've grabbed one of each major design model for the type.
The Ta 152 H is a model I've wanted to give a go for a good long while now so I'm def looking forward to that!

On the gaming front Olgier and I will be playtesting the new rules for his own RPG this weekend, trying desperately to finish Halo3 and with any luck, a game of Hybrid?

We'll see!


Saturday, 4 July 2015


Hey all, here is the latest addition to my Necromunda Goliaths - 'Roxette'

Roxette will be joining; Filthy Pete, Mr Goodbye, Rob the Sausage and Flopper in their exciting adventures with 'UltraMaim' (hopefully soon)

Sorry for the recycled photo, I'll finish a few more and then do a sort of 'Band Photo shoot' in the near millennium...
 I had a great time painting this one, like taking a Joyride - It must have been love...

 Spending my time painting minis like this seems Almost unreal. If you ever get stuck for a colour scheme you just Listen to your heart...

From any angle - He's Got the Look...

That's enough of that I think...
No HYBRID this week I'm afraid - Olgier is needed elsewhere so the minions of the Heresiarch will just have to shuffle aimlessly down empty corridors by themselves for a bit.

More terrain to come and the P51D is almost ready! Wally has his stick gripped firmly between his legs and err... 

As you were then.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015


 Have just been shown this,

So 'Warscroll' is what a unit is called now? Confusing terminology, but I guess you have to do that to make sure every word you print is subject to IP copyright... I'm amazed they don't just state that THEY invented army books and copyright the idea along with the entire English language...
Ok, along the lines of big ideas and 'GW EXCLUSIVE ALL MINE! IP' Celestial hammers that can be thrown at enemies and then return to their wielder's hand... Now where have I heard that beTHOR?...
Oh and...

  Hmmm... Don't cross the streams.

And what's with the word STORM?? All I can see is Storm, warriors, storm, violence, ride storm, wings of storm, stormcast, stormhost, stormstorm!

Apart from that 'Goretide' is a good one - I like the prose on the Chaos Warriors text (sorry 'BLOOD' warriors...) Just like GW's legal team they fight past death with FRENZIED ABANDON!
The writing in this rule set is like going to the gym and walking around everywhere growling with your muscles and teeth clenched - Rules on steroids!