Friday, 15 February 2013

Days of High Adventure - almost there...

Here they are! By far my favourite race of semi-chaotic swamp dwelling, damsel kidnapping, dungeon wandering, flower arranging (possibly) One eyed servants of Morcar  =)

I've had so many arguments regarding the Fimirs presence in HeroQuest over the years that I can't even remember what most of them were about. Obviously important stuff...

The models themselves are among my favourites, although they were by far (for me at least) the most challenging to paint satisfactorily. Here's my attempt at the great green brawny short-sighted ones.
Yes, yes. I can hear the ribbing remarks of 'being so one-eyed' and 'not being able to see the other side of it' now... sigh.

Not to be left out, the two most characterful bad guys from HQ also got the Vogue treatment. The Chaos Sorcerer is a spiffing model to paint, and a very handy bloke to have around a dungeon.  I really like the box art Les Edwards created for HQ and decided to paint him in kind.

By far the easiest way to get a group of shifty little tomb thieving bitch heroes to wet themselves is with the appearance of 'La Gargola' in a confined space. I went for the 'Living Stone' (I presume) approach with mine, rather than the more flamboyant example by Mr McVey provided in the box (yes, because I'm lazy...)

That's it for now. Only the Orcs and the Hero figures remain to be sullied by my bristles!
Thanks for taking a look and I'll post the results... um when I get around to painting them.