Friday, 25 September 2015

Focke Wulf mission Funf, and other shit.

Hey all.

Here are some progress shots of the three Focke Wulf's =)

Safely contained in their cardbord box, the trio (aided by the ever useful clothes pegs) pose for the camera. You can see the fuselage of the TA152 has been cut and sanded down here and is ready for the cockpit rebuild =)
The size difference between the fighters is pretty plain in this shot. It's amazing to read the spec sheets on various planes throughout the War, even the Spitfire ends up significantly larger and heavier than she started out (and with about 2.5 times as much horsepower!)

Landing gear on! You have no idea how tricky it was to get the Revell/Frog TA152's oleos' and gear to look right... Swearing time. Airfix did a good job on the A8's undercarriage and, as usual, no complaints with the D9 from Academy - basically the same straightforward build as their Fw190 A6-8.
So, what else? Well after Olgier and I rolled up our RoC warbands last weekend I decided some new figures were needed to fill the battlefield!
I haven't given GW my money for about 10 years now (something that isn't about to change...) so a new source of figures was needed. Unfortunately in Wellington there isn't really a lot to go and look at as far as the wargaming scene is concerned, but...

Enter - The 'Caffeinated Dragon' Wataaah! I scoped this shop on the way back to the workshop after a test ride a week or so ago and figured I'd go have a look.
And guess what? They sell Reaper minis! 
 Problem solved =)
 This is where I'm up to about now. The Reaper minis came from the 'Bones' range as I had been wanting to try painting one up for a while now. I plumped for a dastardly looking Elf to become my Dark Elf Wizard and a rather heroic looking Paladin type to fill in for the Griffin Templar for games of Hybrid =)
The Dwarf between them has been in my collection for a long time and used to hang out in my HeroQuest box along with Jim the Jabberwockey and various other assorted guff. He'll be starting his wargaming career as Olgier's Tzeentch loving Chaos Dwarf Champ. 

And yes, the Necromunda project continues...

New to my painting table of woe is this...
Something a bit different for me, we'll see how it goes =)

See you!


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Tales from the Realm of Chaos part one.

Hey all, I'm still busy as a rabid beaver unfortunately, but Olgier and I have managed to get around the rulebooks to at least contemplate playing another game in the near future.
Having completed my swamp terrain we decided it was high time it saw a battle or three!

After dusting off the (admittedly PDF) copies of Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned we started on the slightly amusing adventure that is rolling up a Chaos champ and his/her retinue =)

My Champ turned out quite well (total surprise given my usual propensity for dismal character stats...) and Olgier's SECOND attempt also came up with a usable acolyte. I wont waste time upon them at this point as there will hopefully be far more to come.

But what I will share with you is the tale of Olgier's first attempt at a champion...
In the finest traditions of Lothar Bubonicus and Werner Thunderfist, I present;

The Saga of Heinlager McGoatKind

This is the saga of Heinlager.

It was to be a fateful day, that thirteenth day of the thirteenth month of the thirteenth year of the epoch of the thirteen lost Saints of the thirteen moons. Some would come to regard that day as a Monday.

But it was upon this day that Heinlager McGoatKind, who was both filled with hatred and a longing for revenge, sealed his pact with Tzeentch. Stealing away into the most secret of the latrines under his care, he cursed his peers and his overlords and swore to gain his eternal dominance over them all. Whispering dark nothings into the swirling long-drop, he pledged his mortal soul to Lord Tzeentch and bellowed with shrill mouse like squeekings of the promises he would fulfill in the Dark One's name.

Many weeks passed.

 Heinlager, more embittered and resentful than ever, wept salty tears of frustration and disappointment. But The Changer of Ways had not abandoned him, and late one night called to his devotee from the beyond. Heinlager, running blindly through the cold winter night, enveloped by the raining gusting blackness, came at last to the edge of his tiny village. With his lungs burning and his knees weak he cursed his apparent lack of fitness and, wheezing as a man twice his age might, made his way into the nearby forest.

It was here that Tzeentch branded Heinlager.

 A small rash appeared upon his rump, which in the right light could almost pass as the twisting S of the Great Magician. Emboldened by this Heinlager spread his arms wide and accepted the first of his master's blessings. Tzeentch - moving in his cryptic unknown ways sought to reward his follower in a manner appropriate. A great burning light flowed from the ether onto Heinlager, diminishing his already unmanly frame to a mere two thirds of its original size. Puzzled, but not wanting to appear ungrateful, Heinlager shrugged and strode on through the forest, eager to find underlings worthy of his cause.

He did not have to travel far, for which he was most pleased as his legs were no stronger than before and were now a lot shorter... To a dimly lit copse he alighted and he came upon the most hideous child he had ever laid eyes on. On taking a second look Heinlager realised the child was actually a Goblin and pleaded with 
the creature of Chaos to stop kicking him in the crotch long enough for him to show that the Mark of the Changer was upon him.
The Goblin, still not mightily impressed, asked Heinlager to prove his claim or be turned into a pair of underpants. Scoffing at the green wretch's lack of faith he once again threw his arms to the universe and issued forth garbled yabberings to his Otherworldly Master.

And Tzeentch once again rewarded his annoying underling.

Blending the infinite magics of the very stars with cheap taxidermy, Tzeentch covered his diminutive flunky with a matted, mousey brown fluff. So thick was this coat of evil smelling hair that Heinlager would never again feel the need for human clothing! 

Snarling in triumph Heinlager challenged the Goblin to follow him into Daemonhood. Bemused by this but having nothing better to do that day, the Goblin agreed.

Long and twisted were the pathways travelled by Heinlager and the Greenskin, who was by now dubbed 'Nob-end' by Heinlager, as the Goblin's greater height did much to anger the mighty Champion of Chaos.

After much bickering and twisting of nipples in the depths of the forest did the pair arrive at a small hamlet.Feeling the hate swell in his breast and the longing for human suffering in his heart Heinlager at once called upon his Lord and master for a boon one final time.

Wide eyed and laughing insanely, Heinlager accepted his final gift from the Changer. Bursting forth from his mortal trappings and with his now mindless brain dribbling out of his misshapen ears he towered above the trembling Nob-end as a Chaos spawn!

Reaching down to the tiny green fetal form, the thing that had been Heinlager ate the unfortunate Goblinoid, defecated loudly, and then ambled back into the forest.

So ends the Saga of Heinlager.     


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Focke Wulf mission... Vier

My regular gaming buddy is still out of action sadly, meaning that the planes get the love this week and the Hybrid games will have to wait!

Wings, tail fins and nose jobs abound!

Insert part 'A' into receptacle 'B' ... pardon?

All the girls bicker and argue over who has the prettiest nose.

Tail fins on, leaping like plastic dolphins out of a cardboard sea... hmm. Too much German Bier methinks...

 Unsuspecting wings are set upon by a band of wandering clothes pegs.

That reminds me of a song...


 People sometimes ask me what I do with my spare time.
I just tell them I have a lot of building projects around the house...

 Look at the size of the TA152's wings! (yes, the big ones at the back...)

Looking to diversify the content for the next post - see you then!