Tuesday, 5 March 2013

All work and no play...

Sorry, yes its been far too long...

A little progress update then; the HeroQuest painting is almost complete!
 I've finished the Orcs and as soon as I can get a second of daylight I will photograph them in all their warty glory. Had a blast painting them, I think the last time I painted 'da boy's' it was for Space Crusade. These guys worked out better though, I'd forgotten how forgiving green is as a skin tone!
 The furniture is almost there now, a first for me  =)
The Heroes will be getting the individual treatment, as befits the pieces that will be getting handled most often. I think the Barbarian is going to be the challenging one to get right, needs to have just the right amount of 'Conan-ness' going for him =)

So yeah, there it is. I'll have the Orcs up in a couple of days with any luck and the Heroic types will get their own shots after that, don't let me forget about those Space Crusade figures either, they've all got to get finished one day =)