Thursday, 9 January 2014

Happy New Year! Christmas goodness, some old work; and some new work =)

Hey all, Merry (belated) Christmas and Happy New Year!

Just returned from a holiday away, nice to change the scenery from time to time.

Here's a shot I took a while back and forgot to post,

This is a shot of all the HeroQuest stuff before being sent off to my friends flat to do battle! With any luck I can relate a few heroic tales of daring do soon (now that everyone is back) Or at least bore a few of you to sleep with stories of heroic bungling... More likely.

A couple of cool pressies to get done this year.

REEEEEEALLY looking forward to this one. I have a special project planned for German troops and armour and have managed to get a few kits together, I'll get pics up as soon as something is finished.

A surprise present from my Dad. I haven't had a go at any of these new Airfix kits yet so am eager to get onto this. One surprise was that it doesn't come with any crew figures? Not complaining, just surprised. (Yes I ripped the bag open and checked and everything!)

Here's a little (as in Hot Wheels little!) something I have been working on. A while ago I was very impressed by a blog I stumbled upon with 'Mad Max' inspired cars and figures converted for wargaming. I don't know if I'll get around to putting rules together but I had a blast painting this car! Expect lots more (I have an assault buggy getting prepped right now)
Here are a couple more angles...

Not sure If I should base the model or not? Hmm. Maybe get a few done first then see how I feel about it.

And lastly, a My Little Pony for my sister's Christmas present!

Great to finally convert a larger scale toy into something, she really seemed to like it so I think a few more are in order!

Cool, I managed to take a game book away with me on my trip to the in laws place over the hols so give me a moment to gather my thoughts and I'll get a review written!

C u.