Monday, 9 December 2013

More reading and a bit of a bash at HeroQuest.

Yep, so for the first time in about ten squillion years I got to play HeroQuest with my friends.

Awesome =)

I'll leave a more detailed post about this subject for another time suffice to say I had a blast and I hope the others did too! If you have this game banging around at home dust it off,  get it out, grab some mates, add some beer (because we're all old now so we get to play HeroQuest drinking games... not that we did... but that is an interesting idea for next time) and smash the dungeons.

Have a great time  =)

Speaking of great times, here's another Fighting Fantasy review thing.

#7 Island of the Lizard King

I think at this point in 83'/84' Steve Jackson (GB) was off writing the 'Sorcery!' books (which are amazing and I will get to after the main series) leaving most of the books to Ian for a bit.

While no 'DeathTrap Dungeon' this title is still a worthy adventure. I think this is the first book in which a bit of cultural diversity starts to influence your surroundings as the art (supplied by Alan Langford this time) is slightly oriental/far Eastern in appearance. This is cool as it really helps to fuel the sort of 'Voyage of Sinbad' feel that the book offers. I always find myself thinking of Ray Harryhausen's monsters on their model islands when I play this one =)
Speaking of the artwork (because I always do!) This story has some great pictures, some of which go down as childhood favourites I've remembered forever. I know I said no spoilers but I feel this isn't really giving the books secrets away.

 And I really love this picture.

Frank Frazetta would be proud! One of the few non lizard encounters from this book is this lovely girl and her Sabretooth Tiger. How or why she is living on an island presided over by a Lizard gangster mob boss we may never know. I just like looking at her.
Thank you Alan Langford, for one of the loveliest ladies of Fighting Fantasy.

TBH up till this lady graced these pages I don't think the world of Titan had much to offer in the way of female surprises. I suppose there was a She-Elf contestant in 'DeathTrap' but I can't think of any in the previous books... oh, apart from this rather dangerous girl from 'City of Thieves'

Hmm. Not really the sort you bring home to mum? (well maybe MY mum...)

Anyway. Alan outdid himself on that and many other exotic looking illos found within the books pages. The cover is also the last time Iain McCaig would contribute to the series, marking a huge change in the visual appearance of the books on the shelf.

How does the book play? Um, a bit strangely really.
It's the pacing that does it. Some parts seem to take forever to figure out and then you find yourself rocketing along trying to keep up through other sections. TBH it's not a bad thing as I always find reading this story to be very exciting and the story itself well rounded and interesting. I reckon it was the fastest read so far as far as time spent with a book goes.
Mind you there's tons of fighting to be had, rescues to attempt and Ian managed to throw in a lot of options and choices at key moments which have quite marked affects on your next moves.
The game itself is hard to define this time as it is a mixture of 'find the thingy to kill the bad guy' and 'find the guy to tell you stuff you need to know' as well as 'command the troops' and 'help the people escape from blah blah' So all a bit overwhelming at first!

Yeah, all in all it's a bit of a winner  =)

Man that cave girl is hot...

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