Saturday, 14 June 2014

Meat factory.

That's a good name for a Goliath gang if ever I heard one!

Without further ado, here are the first members of my (hopefully) all conquering Necromunda gang...


Great fun painting up these lads. I wanted to go for a sightly more colourful scheme than is usual for a Goliath gang... and then proceeded to end up going for no coherent theme at all...
I'm always into embellishing a minis clothes with designs or some such and the good thing about a Necro gang is that you can basically go nuts! (Just look at those stars, I bet he's the envy of the roller disco...)

Most of the colour ideas came from the 'Jem and the Holograms' cartoon... Don't judge me.

As usual I expected the vast amount of skin on these thugs to be a big problem, but I deftly circumvented it with a new approach to skin tones =)  (Basically its the 'use a big square brush and paint it like its a painting' technique)

Had a good time rusting up the cylinders on my makeshift Heavy. It's a little hard to tell from these photos but the Heavy's mohawk is actually hot pink and not orange... If anyone has any advice on taking awesome model photos and lighting in general that works for them, I'm all ears!

-Kimber "Oh my God! Those pants are truly OUTRAGEOUS!"


And just by way of comparison, here's a lovely little mini my mate painted up way back when we actually had time to play this awesome game.

The original Goliath gang Leader;  "McGregor"

(AKA - McGregor the unfortunate, McGregor the holey, McGregor the sure to fall from a great height and McGregor the not so brave as Sir Lancealot...)

One more thing to devote my non existent spare time to has popped up recently namely emulating games I used to play as a lad on my Amiga 500+ (great days they were, great days)

A game I used to love but only had a demo to play around with was Microproses 'B17 Flying Fortress' and would you believe that it just so happens that a wonderful person has emulated it for me!

Here are a few shots of my often shot to pieces B17 G and her fine (slightly retarded) crew.

 And here are the brave lads (in front of another crews plane I suspect, ours is usually on fire or sinking to the bottom of the channel...) Navigator Rectum is so cool that even during a mission he never takes his shades off... which would probably explain why we get lost so often.

 Yeah well it's not the best track record ever recorded but they are improving. Honestly, we've only lost about 30 or so crew members at this point... (most of those are Navigators after they get me lost over Belgium...)

 I should also point out that this is technically the 'Fluffy Kittens Mk5'...  We've lost a few...
There was this one time we made it back and then the rear bit of the plane came off and collided with the hanger. Just as well old Flappy the tail  gunner was in the cockpit playing strip poker at the time...



  1. I too wanted to pay this back in the day, I'm a big fan of the B17. I heard it was a bit tough to play, but it was a great game. Might give it a go?


    1. Hey dude =)

      Yeah, it's def not a 5min blast - even time skipping at 15min flying intervals (between trying to survive Luftwaffe attacks!) will lead to a 30min + game time per mission. Still... there really isn't anything quite like it - and of course getting to name your crew leads to hours of fun =)

      "Left nostril to right digit... bogeys at 12 o'clock!"

      Ah... well you get the idea...