Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Happy new everything and all that.

Get that crap out of the way then.

Right, so I've basically been drunk for the last 3 (and a bit) weeks in order to have a proper holiday. Yes it's been great, very inspiring, thank you for asking!

I don't do New Years Resos and I def don't do "looking back at's..." or "plans for this year includes..."
If I work on it, it ends up here.

 More 'Misfits' inspired Goliath's I'm afraid...

I've never beaten this one. A situation that persists... dammit.

Have a good one all.
Nice to be back =)



  1. Hey Ace, it's good to see you back again. I've not posted for a while too, but not due to drink :p I've just lost the motivation to paint/create through old age :D

    Damn your gifted at coming up with blog names! Their honestly very imaginative.

    Your Goliath's really do look much better when you make them look drab & gritty. When painted up in their official livery they look gayarse & silly. Yours really do fit in with the Underhive aesthetic!

    Looking forward to another FF review too :)

    Cheers buddy.

    1. Ah Mr P! It has been too long!

      Glad you like the new blog's title, I was going to go with 'Monkey rectum and soggy bits appreciation society' but then I came up with 'Plastic sloth turbo', it's amazing how the mind just flip-flops like that?!

      Nothing says drab and gritty to me like gangers dressed in grimy 1980's disco club and gymnasium wear! I agree, so much more believable than those silly GW red and green lederhosen wearing fruits =)
      I like to think that with enough frilly cuffs and the odd Elizabethan collar my lads could tough it out in a few games of 'Confrontation' one day!

      The next FF review will be forthcoming soon... erm, in the unlikely event that I can actually beat the book... Not an easy one.

      Sorry to hear you have been out of action on the gaming/model front, this getting old thing sounds nasty, I better skip it.

      All the best!


  2. Welcome back and happy new year to you too. Here's a thought ... get stone drunk and paint all the minis on your worktable ... let the creative side take over. ;)

    1. Hello dude! I have a bad feeling that my creative side may fall prey to my intoxicated side (the intoxication can be strong in this one...) =o

      Otherwise, great idea!
      How are you feeling anyway? I can only hope that the atmosphere where you are has cleared enough for you to enjoy your hobby again?? (something to do with burning off trees as I remember?)

      All the best!


    2. The annual haze is over for the moment. Thanks for asking! ^_^
      The current concern is my city being placed on the highest alert for a potential ISIS strike. One operative with plans and weapons was recently arrested in a public commuter transit/train. But then again this is a problem nearly all major cities in the world is experiencing at the moment!