Sunday, 10 June 2012

So many Zombies

So little time.

The Zombie figures from HeroQuest were always some of my favourites, well them and the Fimir.
Always ends in an argument when you talk of the Fimir...
Not sure why.

To be honest there isn't really a dud figure supplied with HQ (in my humble opinion) although as far as outfits go I think the wizard got the short end of the stick, especially that tiara.

Just why Citadel decided that the Chaos sorcerer should have a skull for a face instead of an actual face also perplexes. I mean everyone has a skull don't they. But not everyone has an evil, twisted, possibly lacerated and or ritually disfigured, snarling death mask of a face to scare weak kneed heroes with eh??
Well I suppose in a game aimed at 10 year old's a skull is plenty scary.

So, right the Zombies. Yes... no, I can't remember.

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