Saturday, 15 March 2014

Look, it's not my fault!

I just get busy alright??

Lots to photograph and post including my now completed Italian States Naval Force for Dystopian Wars. Just finished reading the first book in David Cornwall's 'Grail Quest' series (very good!) A few other projects nearing completion (and one that IS actually finished but I cant post right now - complicated)

In the meantime here's a review thing.

#12 Space Assassin

Sigh... Finally have enough time to write!

This book was a firm fav of mine as a lad. Although the FF world of 'Titan' was and is an extremely rich and diverse world to adventure through, I always seemed drawn to the books that departed from it. Space Assassin has to be one of the best of them. Written by Andrew Chapman (the first of three excellent books) Space Assassin puts you in the space boots of an intergalactic killer, something that I couldn't take seriously myself, I mean you are meant to be the good guy and lets face it, most of the time the book is going to give you the choice of turning the other cheek or talking your way out.
You do however, get to do this...

I know right??
That has to be one of the most graphic images in the WHOLE SERIES! Kind of a brief Tarantino moment before the story settles down again to a familiar FF rhythm.
Don't get me wrong, I was a bloodthirsty violence obsessed teen once too. Its just that randomly blowing away cute mouse scientists has a way of making you feel bad... For a bit.

There's plenty more to kill where they came from though. The basic mechanics of the game are, well basic really. There are a few weapons to choose from at the start and you get the opportunity to pick up a few more on your travels (but NEVER the hallowed disintegrator) TBH, the items are really what makes this game so cool, Chapman has dotted the book with all sorts of weird stuff that may/may not be useful at any given time. A lot of thought has gone into this, and a lot of sections are put aside with the varying results of your decisions, some of them quite humorous (and usually fatal...)
The cover art is supplied by Chris Achilleos (Christos Achilleos at this time) and depicts a rather obscure event from the book. The illos are the work of Geoffrey Senior in his one and only FF debut, which is a shame as they have a quality quite unlike anything seen before (or since)
Check this out.

Aww... what a cute little... AAAAARGH!! GET IT OFF MY FACE!!

Expect lots of that. These guys though are my favourite...

 I think this is the only FF book I have ever read where I am attacked by a guy with a vacuum cleaner... Classic.

Not much more to say, great book, lots of funny 'Hitch hikers' moments, loads of shooting, scary monsters and surprising encounters. I'm going to call it done at that as I have just tried to make a cup of hot cocoa with a butter knife... Night.

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