Friday, 25 April 2014

A friend in need...

Is a friend who needs some modelling help! This looks like a job for... SUPER MODELLER MAN!

But seeing as he isn't here, I'll have to do it.

A friend of mine needed a model with a pesky fall-off style lance arm pinned in place, can't have heroic figures losing their appendages mid battle!

Pretty basic bit of clean up and drilling...

...stick a bit of paper clip in there, stabbing yourself repeatedly with the sharp end...

...add some super glue and... Voila! She is fini!... and your fingers are firmly stuck together!

Job number two was a little bit more involved and has seen my first bit of actual miniature sculpting... ever! Another friend wants to get in on the Necromundan action and has an ultra sexy Escher Heavy with the Heavy Plasma Gun, except she's missing the gun! Can't have that!

I've made plenty of Chaotic alterations and added things like hair and cloaks to miniatures in the distant past, but never actually tried modelling human limbs! (thank God Necromunda mutates people left right and centre...)

 Here's the mini with her original ad in WD. Got to love that 90's paint job! Hopefully he will keep it bright with his repaint!

One paper clip, a bit of brass tube and some greenstuff later...

Add arms with Tamiya epoxy... total nightmare to get them right!

And there you have it! One more or less completed Escher Heavy, no longer with Plasma armament but with new, er, improved stubber/auto cannon! (Just look at my grubby thumbnail, shocking!)

Ok, that's it for the moment, um, as you were...



  1. Oh I can't look, the horror of your grubby nail is too much!!!!!

    Seriously though, great conversion work on the new arm & gun.....I'm a self confessed GS hack, so anyone who can make something out of that stuff is a legend in my book.


    1. You are too kind! I have done much better since, I promise!

      The unfortunate thing is that we never started to play! I blame online MMO's !