Saturday, 5 April 2014

Where am I up to?

About here...

Ah, the sweet smell of Dulcote... Nothing better than finishing off mini's and rushing off late to work in the morning!

Here's about half of the Space Crusade mini's all done, the front rank of my aborted High Elf spearman unit and a couple of my Post Apoc models. I started the Space Crusade stuff about 4 years ago so the painting varies wildly =) The High Elves are a current project that I have picked back up after nearly 10 years! Time flies eh?

Here's the only rank I have to hand (the rest are in varying states of completion in storage) Very much looking forward to finishing this army for a bit of WH action.

One of my 'Red Cross Gang' fighters. I never got a chance to play 'Dark Future' and have always been interested in Post apoc gaming so figured I'd get a few vehicles and guys together, then torture my friends into playing against me!
Originally this guy is an Italeri German Wehrmacht figure from an Afrika Korps kit (I think?)
I sometimes read that people think 28mm figs are close to the size of 1/72? Nah, not even close!

Here's a new thing! (and an old thing...) I've always wanted to make up my own sculpts at 28mm/54mm scales so I'm giving it a go! Very excited to see ho this turns out (probably eye hurtingly bad but hey...) Using one of my ANCIENT Eagle Warriors for scale, this is hopefully going to be a large alien for 28mm stuff or normal sized xeno/mutant for 54mm/1-35 stuff. This photo was taken about 2 days ago so the enthusiasm is still going strong, will have new pics of the progress soon!

(Look at the funny colour Enchanted Blue goes under my painting lights. No wonder I cant blend properly...)

 A few up and coming Rogue Trader mini's L-R Mutant Jokaero weapons carrier, Tiger Claws Space Marine Field Police, Wastelands Preacher.

 And some more! These guys were destined to be additional Space Crusade Chaos Marines but now will find new life in Rogue Trader as Renegades and Traitors. Lovely!

There's more on the table but thats all I will show for the moment. 'Temple of Terror' is going well (Fighting Fantasy #14) so will hopefully have a review next post.

See you then =)

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