Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year (last week...)

Yeah, so I'm late. Story of my life!

Check this out...

Seriously! I can even remember years ago, standing in a secondhand book sellers with a copy of 'Portal of Evil' IN MY HAND and going...
"Meh, probably got that one..." IDIOT!

That was literally YEARS ago! 'Keep' and 'Moonrunner' I haven't had much luck with finding either and then bam, my sister comes round with a bag full of books and says
"want any of these?"

And there they were...


Right, so other things.
These were given to me by awesome peeps as Christmas gifts, to be completed soon-ish...

Look at that, my fist Tamiya 1/72 aircraft kit... I cant even! Seriously too good for the likes of me!

Also on the aircraft front I have noticed that Airfix have released their Do17z kit and are currently making kits for the Defiant and Beufighter! Excellent =)

What else? I was gifted a copy of GW's Mines of Moria a looooooong time ago - I am pleased to report that it is almost completed!
Yes, I mean it! I only have to paint the Heroes. (What is that all about? I always rush in, paint up all the Evil blighters cackling maniacally to myself; and then MAYBE decide to throw some paint over a few do-gooders...) What an evil git I am.

If anyone is interested - I have also managed to get my emulator to play 'Space Crusade' FINALLY!

It's not going too bad for the Ultras atm...

Just look at that shade of lippy... hot as. (Though the white Power Armour probably makes my ass look big...)

2 Missions down and about 8 marines are already off to see the Emperor.
Not a great kill ratio.

Fighting Fantasy #15 'Rings of Kether' is up next for a review. I had already managed to get through it several months ago for a post but that was several months ago and my memory would have played all kinds of tricks on me trying to recall what I did. -
"Attack the drug smuggler, get the flowers and tickle the elephant, do not pass go, leave earth in a spaceship shaped like a mushroom, after freeing the gnome listen to his tales of heroic lingerie shopping, eat the beans..." ETC

Um. Yes.


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