Friday, 9 October 2015

Realm of Chaos belligerents (and friend)

Tally ho peeps!

After a rotten week of no sleep and too much work I finally managed to photograph these fellows for your viewing pleasure =)

 Apologies for crap focus... it's been one of those weeks.

The Dark Elf is a Reaper 'Bones' figure (can't remember what the name was sorry) that will be acting as my first protagonist in my inaugural game of RoC. He went through a plethora of hues before I finally gave up and varnished what you see before you.
 One thing I have learned in the years I have been blunting bristles on lead and plastic is to have a solid picture in mind of where you want the paint job to end up - yes sometimes a 'voyage into the unknown' is a great way to get some unexpected results - (that approach basically sums up my normal painting ethos...) =(
But honestly, to save yourself from inserting paint brushes into your vital organs in a fit of frustration, have a finished product in mind before you start and it all seems to go swimmingly =)

Some shots of the thugs;

 Another figure from the Bones range, painted up as a Templar of the Lodge for my Griffon faction. Olgier really liked this guy's pose and will be getting used very shortly in Hybrid.

 See, just use the same colours as the other guys were painted in and everything is fine!
No need for self mutilation!

 It's a funny feeling completing a miniature you know you will be playing against, it's a bit like "oh good, you came out well, can't wait to kill you off!"

 I probably think about these things too much.
Token effort to add a bit of detail to the drapery, gave up.
But the shield came out nice.

 This guy was a breeze, but I loves me some Dwarf painting!
One of these days I'll have a chance to find my old Bugman's unit and photograph it for the blog, not sure if the paint job will hold up though, I did paint them in my teens!

 Being a follower of Tzeentch I hinted at the stunty ones affiliation by using yellow and blue on his gambeson (?) The blue is actually 'Hawk Turquoise' which I will use with glee at any opportunity, a gaming friend of mine will be rolling his eyes right now if he reads this =)

"stop looking at my arse!"

 Ok, this guy is an ok result tinged with some painful memories. The only thing that remained constant throughout the torturing process was that his cloak stayed purple. Honestly, from now on all characters get a colour sketch before I start on them...

 Bit of focal difficulty again... I like using the snow paste though =)

As this mini is representing a level 25 Dark Elf Chaos Wizard; Olgier isn't putting much longevity on his first Chaos champ... He obviously doesn't understand my unrivaled ability to fuck up when in possession of overwhelming odds...

The Goliath's are up next. Yes I have a painting plan for them...



  1. They all turned out pretty good!

    I like the dark shadows in their faces. I can see that it's not terribly detailed, but the look at tabletop height is really effective!

    I'm glad to see someone else painting up these bones dudes....without bitching about them. It amazes me how much whining I come across over these little guy's.

    I reckon that their good, regardless of the price. Some of the poses are a bit meh, but the level of detail they managed to achieve on the plastic is quite impressive.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you getting a game in with your new scenery and minis.

    Cheers big ears :)

    1. Haha! For me the amount of detail I can achieve is in direct ratio to how much time I can get away with before someone reminds me to do something useful!
      I had no worries painting the Bones figures - then again I did have a trial by fire learning how to stop paint from falling off of my nylon plastic 1/72 minis... The Bones range is a big one too, lots to choose from so they'll be a few more of those coming up =)

      A game would be great! Trying to make it happen.

  2. Great painting there....I really like the dwarf especially. Bones figures are great....just wish they were widely stocked in model shops so my kids can get the thrill of choosing a model from the stand with their pocket money (just like I did back in the day).

    1. Thank you =)

      Yeah, I don't know what it is about Dwarfs - just love painting them!
      Here in NZ there's only the one shop that seems to sell the Reaper stuff, which is a shame. I'm not a big fan of internet buying where my hobbies are concerned - talking to people who are interested in similar things is surely one of the major enjoyments to be had?!
      The shop that sold the Bones figs even had them on a big sandwich board - figures were arranged on both sides just to get you REALLY chin scratching =)
      And the price is good too, about $8 NZ for most Bones single figs. Even a miserly old git like me can scrape together enough for that!

      Speaking about people with things in common; Ian McCaig, John Blanche, Ian Miller, Rodney Mathews, Hawkwind, King Crimson and Frazetta?? Dude, you couldn't have better taste =)


    2. Before the internet I used to think I was an odd loner liking all that stuff.......still odd, but now I realise there are hundreds of other odd people too ;)

  3. They all look good but my favourite is the dwarf. His paint job seems to be at a whole different higher level.

    1. Thanks dude =)
      Sometimes it flows better than others I think!