Friday, 2 October 2015

Focke Wulf Mission Sechs...

Guten Morgen meine Freunde!

The three Fw's are finally built and ready for some pigment =)

I might do a double post today as the trio of fantasy figures I was working on is also complete, just have to make sure they are dry enough to photograph!

Here are the Focke Wulf's, naked one last time (that sounds almost dirty...)

 The TA152 had some major gap issues on the left wing root, time to try out my new tube of Tamiya epoxy putty! 
Apart from the incredibly sharp smell the stuff works like a dream =) The sanded down rear section of the cockpit receives a shaped bit of plasti-card to cover the hole and, if I my calculations are correct (never happens...) the canopy from the Academy D9 set will fit on no worries.

 Here's an interesting mistake. The TA152-H1 was armed with a trio of cannons - usually a pair of 20mm MG151/20s in the wing roots and a 30mm MK108 firing through the nose - I had to drill a dirty hole in the prop hub of my TA to accommodate the 30mm - mind you this kit is ancient, and it's hardly a big ask =)

 Just a couple of shots to show some of the structural differences between the fighters.


And that's a wrap =)

Great fun all in all. No real complaints but I'm far from the most discerning aviation modeller!
If you are after a new project I recommend all of them - having said that the Academy kit was the easiest to fit together OOB satisfactorily. The Aifix A8 is amazingly detailed and accurate and the TA152 from Frog/Revell is the only kit of this fighter you can have for reasonable money.
Of course if money is no issue... 

So, good then. Watch this space, I'll be back later with some Reaper and Citadel goodness!



  1. One is already quite a challenge but to see you assemble and prime three is impressive. Are you planning the same paint scheme for all three or different variations and perhaps even camo for some?

    1. Hey dude =)

      Tell me about it! All different camo schemes for each of them plus a base diorama with figures showing three different settings =)

      Why do I do these things to myself?

    2. Because we have to. Model kits are to us what mountains are to climbers. :)

    3. Some model kits are very steep... =)