Monday, 23 March 2015

Griffins Finished!

And now the fun can begin! =D

I'm so happy to finally have all of my Rackham stuff finished, and now get to look forward to battles in the dark labyrinthine corridors of the Hybrid Project!

So here is the Rescue Team, L-R A Knight of the Lodge of Hod, an Executioner of the Red Monks Order, The Venerable Ambrosius, The Griffin Minelayer (personal fav) and another Executioner.

I am not often struck with the urge to create scenic bases but just love these figures so much I thought it had to be done!
To be honest they were actually a lot of fun to put together and, surprisingly, didn't lead to some sort of unintentional drilling and pinning mishap!
My favourite character to paint has to be the Minelayer as he came together so easily and gave me no trouble at all (again, totally out of character with my usual "back to the drawing board" approach to painting!) The Knight and Ambrosius had their own challenges - lots of metal on the Knight meant that I had to relearn a few armour techniques I used to use (I have been painting dark, dirty Nurgle Chaos things for so long that metal without rust is strange indeed!)
Ambrosius has so much detail on his person that I think the sculptor must have gone insane after creating him! I wanted him to look grim and embittered - I don't know if the photo of his face does it much justice, but he looks pretty determined to me!
The Executioners were the most troublesome, again there is a wealth of tiny details to be picked out and this time through the swirling mass of their cloaks and robes. Not that I would complain, one thing the Rackham sculptors could do was depict flowing material, and I think it lends a majestic air to all these miniatures.

So, what next??

On to Glory!


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