Saturday, 7 March 2015

Hybrid progress and some weird shit

Hello everyone. Look what I have for you today...

First off are the Seneschal and his merry band of Purifiers. The 'good guys' faction of the Rackham board game 'Hybrid'

The chance to finally get to play this game in the proper 'grown-ups' manner, you know with ACTUAL PAINTED MINIATURES, is almost here! 
There's still a handful of Griffin troops to go before I can sit down and get to grips with the rules - but it's so close, so very close...

Great models to paint. I cannot express how sad it makes me to think that this once awesome and passionate game company is now gone. I can only hope that Jean Bey and his team resurface in another effort soon!

And here are some of their adversaries...

The quick and slimy little Pests of Flesh. These were actually painted almost ten years ago! Time flies when you have to waste it working for a living!

The versatile Hybrids, again from my original attempt to finish the games mini's and play a decade ago.

Two of the big scary beasts; the Nemesis Clone on the left and the Aberration on the right. Can't wait to use these!

A few more angles...

Fantastic fun painting these up. I used to be quite frightened of tackling the large miniatures but actually find them easier to get to grips with than the standard 'human' sized figures now. That reminds me, I must do some more cavalry soon =)

Last but not least are my two Skorize Warriors - I believe I have already posted them, but I'll include them here for the sake of completion.

Scary. And awesome.

So, some weird shit then.
I never had an opportunity to play 'Rogue Trader' back in the day and have always wanted to give it a go, I just really enjoy the feel of the 40k universe as it was then - lots to explore and plenty of individual variety to the rules. I prefer games that are about playing WITH rather than expressly AGAINST another person/s, especially when the game has as much wacky shit going on as RT does!

So here are the first of many new additions to my figure collection for playing games from a more interesting GW.

I cant remember exactly when I posted the original 'undercoated' versions of these guys, here are the finished results.

From left - A Badlands Preacher venturing into the unknown to save the souls of the unbelievers. Space Marines Field Police, sporting ammonium veldt camo scheme and Plasma pistol. A rescued Space Crusade Chaos Android (seriously, you should have seen the painting originally applied to this guy...) now making his way through the wastelands as a rogue mech for hire. And finally my own original creation, a Jokaero mutant bearing heavy weapons!

Look at that monitor screen - any chance I get to use Scorpion green!

Cool, thats it for now - another round of painting should complete the Griffins and I hope to bring you a Battle Rep asap. More B17 has been played and hopefully a couple of 'big' projects will near completion soon. Also, Fighting Fantasy's 'Seas of Blood' play through is nearly there!

Now if I could just stop having to go to a job to earn money...



  1. First of all, that's far too much awesome to put in one post! Your supposed to stretch this shit out over an inordinately lengthy period of time Ace...just dribs & drabs :D

    Your Jakearo mutant looks great! I loves me some converting, even if I can't GS to save myself.

    I never played Hybrid or any other Rackham game for that matter. I've got day too many miniatures from my youth to get through before I even start to begin contemplating taking on a new project. But the painted one's you've shown are fantastic, your quite good with a brush you know!

    My personal favourites would be the Seneschal and his merry band of Purifiers, their cloak's turned out very nice indeed. The pests of flesh & the two big scary beasts skin tone's really stand out, top job there Ace!

    Looking forward to your next flak filled bomber post & FF write up.

    Now, get back to work!

    1. You are too kind my good man, far too kind!

      I'm hoping to add at least a few more Jakearos to my collection (all conversions - there is no way I could afford a real one!)
      Green stuffing (or in this case Milliputting) is just like everything else, practice, swearing and frustration. Um, yeah I think thats how it goes?...
      Funny thing is, I'm actually very keen to do a kitbash/vehicle conversion like the one you have been tackling. I only got into making model kits the other year and am really interested in converting them to be useful in a game!
      I'll let you know how my foray into 'Hybrid' goes soon as I have a friend who is very keen on giving it a go.

      More Flak and Fantasy coming up!