Monday, 29 June 2015

Death begets death - Wallets beget money...

Here's a little bit of info from TGN I read this morning that I thought I would share. Cant say that I have any real interest in ever giving GW money for anything ever again - but hey, I had fun with this =)

I am really looking forward to growing my GW sale potential...

New armies - Empire and Chaos. Doesn't get any newer than that.
Fascinating world - it was, that was a while ago. Now? Not so much.
I truly expect gripping stories that do not end, but I think there is a typo at the end there. I think what they meant to say was "GW will support this release FOUR years'...

So, four pages of rules.
Might I suggest that instead of treating your customers like stupid wankers by dumbing the rules down and basically re-branding checkers as a war game with pieces that cost $30+ each - MORE INCLUSIVE could, for instance, mean allowing more autonomy for players to decide how and what they want to include in their armies or perhaps lowering the prices of your product so that a wider demographic of people could casually spend money on your 'new' game while not feeling like they are being railroaded into financial purgatory? In short - what makes it easy to get into something like this is not based on the intelligence of the customer - it's based on the financial availability that customer has to take part. 

I like this one. 
When has this not been the case? I must have missed the 'age of commodity based war gaming' when you walked into a store and THEY TOLD YOU WHAT YOU WERE ALLOWED TO BUY LIKE YOU WERE A FIVE YEAR OLD CHILD.

Start with a handful of models - yeah, I know.
Build up collections over time - yeah, if I want. I might buy something else.
Games can be as small or massive as I want? No shit. I might even include miniatures from other ranges or make my own or, maybe DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I LIKE WITH SHIT THAT I PAY FOR.

Hmm. This one could prove problematic. "ALL MODELS FROM THE OLD WARHAMMER FANTASY ARMYBOOKS" you say? So, Chaos Dwarfs, Slann, Pygmies, Norse, Zoats, Nippon, Fimir, Halflings, and Hobgoblins are going to be available??
Oh, well I take it all back! Bring it on!

So there you go. Age of Sigmar. Yep...


  1. Yeah it just looks like cheese to me.

    Business wise, I think their making a big mistake, trying to copy other skirmish games. Others have been doing it longer and better for years. Stupid!

    1. A mistake? Tell me about it! Olgier and I were having a good laugh at the A.O.S stuff that was leaked a little while ago.

      It actually mystifies me that they would radically change WHFB into something like this as basically WHFB is in a league of its own! What other big fantasy battle game is even remotely challenging it?
      If the problem they are trying to address is a lack of interest in the game itself - I would say it stems mainly from unit sizes vs pricing which alienates a good deal of the potential gamers financially - I still say they are making a mistake with this move and a re-price of available minis would be the answer - not that they would ever concede their price margin ;)

      I cant say it bothers me as I gave up giving a shit about GW close to 15 years ago.

    2. Agreed.

      I was talking about this subject with my mate last night too, 30mm minis!!!? So all your old minis are toast, can't use them in any other game they think that people will voluntarily exclude themselves from ever playing any other game system!

      And, their back stories & fluff for WFB/40K is just printed diarrhoea! As far as I'm concerned, it has been since the mid 90's.

      So they can go get their guts fucked for all I care, they've stuffed up a perfectly awesome game with stupid revisions for years. There, I feel better now....time for my meds again :)

      Oh, and l thought I'd give you the heads up too, not sure if you aware, but your blog feed thingy isn't working properly on the Oldhammer forum. Your name, blog address & blog post aren't showing up as a hyperlink.

      Might wanna go back and check it out.

      Cheers big ears :)

    3. I didn't read the bit about a scale change?? Where did you find that at?
      It's at times like these that I really wonder what guys like John Blanche and Rick Priestly are thinking. They saw WHFB and RT blossom rapidly into bigger and more popular games from the very beginning. I just wish I could ask them how they feel about it now!

      I have no idea how to rectify the thing you speak of in your last paragraph! Me and technology...


    4. My mate was the one that told me about the scale increase. He might be full of it? I don't know, but their on bigger bases in pictures & they don't look small, so he might be right?

      I'm a little jaded about all those guys that were there at the beginning of it all. They presided over a lot of the terrible changes over the years! In the beginning they created a cool, interesting world setting for both systems, then went about dumbing them down to suit a younger, gullible demographic, all for the mighty dollar. Which is something I don't understand. They were the kings of the industry at that time, no other competitors came anywhere near their success. There was no need to do that to their games!

      So, even though I have the utmost respect for what they created initially, I don't think they left it in the best condition when they left/sacked from GW. I really like John Blanches old artwork, but he's still there! I don't think he really cares about the history or the's just a job for him.

      Anyway, it's all water under the bridge now, I'm content playing with what they made back in the day. I'm not sure why I even bother paying attention to what they do now?

      About the problem with the forum, just ask one of the mods on the newsfeed thread. Their pretty helpful.

      Cheers Ace.