Friday, 12 June 2015

Hybrid Mission #2...



Hello all. Here is the next exciting installment of my Hybrid campaign!

A few things to mention first however.

After a re read of the rulebook and mission parameters from the last game it seems I selected my forces in error! Along with a 'rank total' system to govern the type of troops used in the game, Hybrid also has a 'total warriors' limit! As I was well over this limit for the last game I must hand victory over to my opponent (who surely deserved it!) 

For this game we scoured the rules so as not to fall foul of another 'technicality' =)

Here we go then...

Set in Lab SO4 'The Scarlet Hive' details the escape of a group of survivors investigating the ancient Scorpion ruins who inadvertently trigger the gestation of a large number of the Heresiarch's genetic abominations. Who will survive - and what will be left of them?!

The forces -

Olgier the Magnificent

- VAmbro (of course!) Rank2
- A Seneschal Rank2
- A Reaper of Alahan Rank1
- Two Executioners Rank1 each

Ace Jagger - the Despotic

- A Biopsist of Dirz Rank1
- A Keratis Warrior Rank2
- Two Skorize Warriors Rank1 each
- Two Hybrids Rank1 each
- Two Pests of Flesh Rank0 each

This would be an ESCAPE scenario for Olgier. His mission (whether he chose to accept it or not...) was to evacuate 4 ranks worth of his warriors from the board from any of the exit points detailed below; (look I did a map thing!)

To complicate matters a generous helping of EVENT counters were spread across the board, aaaand the central room in which the Griffs start is surrounded by PIT TRAPS that would randomly open and close each turn (not that randomly, as it turned out...)
My Dirz warriors could activate and enter through any of the exit doors I chose. 

Cards were drawn - I got an 'adrenaline injector' and a 'Biomechanical Shell'  - and the Griffs were deployed in the centre of the board.

It begins...

 'Maybe they don't show up on infra red at all?' - 'We don't have infra red...'

The dice rolled and Olgier won the first turn - rolling for the PITS revealed a possible exit to the right both above and below his team - the left side PITS stayed open and I cackled evilly.

 Going south the Executioner reveals the first EVENT counter - Olgier smiles. That's usually a bad thing...

A ferret like missile of death (PEST) races onto the left side of the board in anticipation of a double-back by the Griffs...

Executioner #2 sneaks around a corner and lays in wait to... er, execute someone.
At this point Olgier started to concentrate the bulk of his troops for a push towards the top right exit - I was really wishing I had listened to my inner Daemons and brought along a big ugly monster to block the double doors...

 "haha...and then I said... oh FUCK!  BOOM!"

Success! Olgier forgot how fast the Pests can move and VAmbro ended up with an explosive handshake! First wound inflicted =)

 "This way guys... I can smell fresh air... and BACON!"

Next to attempt to run for it was the Reaper of Alahan (here represented by the ever usable Griffin Mine Layer...) Rushing over the closed PIT and setting for OW to guard the double doors at the extreme right of the tile.

This was fun - free fighters are always a helpful surprise. For me!
I used it to replace a Pest - since the rules were not clear (!) We decided that the new warrior should enter into the same door as the last activated Dirz troop of the turn.

 'I can sense a presence...'

Next up - Purple Skorize used his ungodly Mvt allowance to get behind Executioner #1 in the lower room. This was probably a mistake on my part as I forgot that there is a Mvt 'mode' that allows characters skilled enough to evade being trapped by their enemies. Sigh...
 The Biopsist farts and out pops EVENT #2!

 Unimpressed, the Seneschal lets out a ripper and EVENT 3# is drawn - this time Olgier looks puzzled...

Reading EVENT 3# aloud, Olgier describes what must be the strangest card I have ever heard of in a board game. "FICKLE CHANCE" - for the rest of this turn Olgier will roll my dice and I will roll his... WTF?

Here is the map at the middle of turn 1. The Griffs are making a dash for the exits at the top and bottom right of the map - most are setting for OW and VAmbro is smoking slightly... At the bottom - the Seneschal and Executioner #2 are having dance with my Skorize warrior.

 The Keratis Warrior appears at the exit and immediately comes under fire from the Griffs OW! Thanks to his 'Adrenaline Injectors' he will survive to bash the Reaper for a wound.

 Skorize #2 rushes into the fray gibbering like a 14 year old boy at a dirty movie. His flail swats VAmbro in the head for a wound and leaves the old man thinking he must have a bullseye painted on him somewhere...

The first Hybrid takes careful aim - but misses! No bonus for you!

At the end of the turn the majority of my lads had piled through the top entrance to stop VAmbro, the reaper and the Executioner from escaping. The Reaper was wounded and VAmbro was down to his last wound when suddenly...


VAmbro, dazed and disoriented by both the explosive Pest and the morningstar to the head trips a wire on the floor and (to my glee!) disappears in a fetid cloud of gore and flatulence! First blood to me!

 'Pay your taxes, or die!' Hybrid #2 blocks the way for the South bound Executioner.

 Fearing the IRS above all else, the Executioner (activating first in turn 2) - flees toward the left. The PITS remain unchanged for this round.

Activating my 2nd Hybrid to chase down the Executioner - I had an idea! Playing my 'biomechanical shell' mutation on said Hybrid (making him invulnerable and impassable) I moved him to the (only) doorway leading to the EXIT on that tile - effectively blocking the way! What a genius!

 Using a fiendish blend of skill and cowardice - the Executioner evades my pretties and legs it for the EXIT!

The Skorize warrior positions himself to ambush anybody coming though the lower double door - it was at this time that I REAAAAALY wanted the PITS to open...

The first Griff to smell the fresh air of freedom - the cur!
The Reaper of Alahan, bleeding and broken manages to avoid death in the left corridor and just makes it to the outside!

 "so long suckers!" Executioner #2 dives after the Reaper of Alahan.
Pay cuts all round.

Skorize 1&2 position to cut off the escaping Seneschal and Executioner. 

Okay. So two ranks have made it out -but VAmbro is a smoking pile of twigs and I've cut off the Seneschal and his buddy. The Skorize are ready to pounce when they come through the door at the north of the room they are occupying and the Biopsist and his Pest friend are waiting behind the only door to the lefthand lower EXIT. 
No worries...

 See. This is what HYBRID is like. Its all going swimmingly, then your opponent opens up a Secret passageway undermining your careful plan and making you cry...

Leaping through the newly formed (cheating) passage, the Seneschal chuckles to himself and legs it off to the lower right EXIT. Git.

Have fucking at you!

Try as he might, the sole defending Hybrid is not a match for the smug Seneschal!

 Just to add insult to injury the Biopsist trips up and and falls head first into the (now) open PIT. Much to the amusement of the Pest.

'This is the day, you will always remember, as the day you almost caught...'

Laughing like a dick, the Seneschal pulls the fingers and runs for it - winning the game and leaving my lads shuffling around looking a bit stupid. Crap.

So there it is. If Darth Vader was my boss I'd be choking to death right now...

We had a brief discussion about the battle afterwards and concurred that it would have been nigh-on impossible for the Griffs to win had it not been for that fucking Secret passageway card! Not that I'm gutted or anything, to be honest, I was feeling bad for Olgier at the end of turn one with the demise of VAmbro and the blocking of the EXIT point. At that point it all seemed to be going my way - talk about a turnaround! 

But, that's Hybrid for you =)



  1. Oooh, snappy Photoshop skills on the first map :D

    Looks like you can never rest easy with this game, you can win or lose at any stage.

    And yes, Darth would not be impressed with "your lack of foresight".

    Great write up Ace :)

    1. Haha! yes I am definitely 'as clumsy as I am stupid...'
      He played that card exactly at the perfect moment - I was totally fucked!

      I have no Photoshop on this computer unfortunately =( I have to rely on a viewer and some digital crayons when I want to get technical!
      I like your new paint rack system thing! My paints just sort of hang around in two old boxes (I paint the tops with the colour inside - doesn't help much...)

      Stay cool =)