Saturday, 20 June 2015

Whizz bangs and Doodle bugs!

Hello, I'm sick.

Here is a collection of things I have done over the last month; while I try to stay awake long enough to bring you something more interesting...

My adventures in B17 have continued - 

 An FW190A complete with smoking bombers in the background. Not good.

 The mighty 'Heavy Burtation' viewed from an inappropriate angle. We should be relieved that the ball turret gunner is not visible... he's special.

 Gang of ruffian FW190s. Honestly, it's hard enough for Daris and the lads to even FIND Germany let alone put up with this shit...
 Somehow one of the FW's goes down. I could credit a gunner, but an engine failure is far more likely...

 'Now, everyone remembers where we parked right?'

The crew of the 'Burt' see this a lot. All the other bombers leaving without them...

 'Ja, I forgot mein Quietscheentchen! Ich komme wieder, ok?'

 Ten out of ten for style. I though I was the only one who landed like that...

 On the 'Burt' we have the PORT waist gun and on the other side we have the BOURBON waist gun...
I don't have enough space to talk about the substance abuse that goes on in the cockpit.

 This is the thing that aims the bombs. 'Aims' is an optimistic term.

 Wahaay! America, fuck yeah! Laying eggs on a nunnery and heading for home! Success! 

 Oh shit. Ohh Shiiiiiiiiit! Okay, ok, there's no need to panic. Yet.

 'Oh shit! Get the fuck out of here! - What are you doing? You stupid idiot! Fuck! We're all dead! Get the fuck out!

'Ah, mon Deiu! Parlez-vous Francias?'
 'Ummm... pas vraiment... mon Francias est la merde...'
Luckily not as shit as the drunk dog these elite Sturmtruppen were using that day. Mind you, they were probably drunk as well.
 Fuck, listen to me! Anyone would think I had alcoholic obsession or something. The crew's drunk, the resistance is drunk the Germans are drunk the German dog is drunk... 

...and in other news, I've started to play 'POWERMONGER' again! Yay!

I used to play this on my Amiga 500+ back in the day. I prob wont post too much about it as it's def one of those games you have to play to enjoy, coming from an age before big impressive cut scenes and so forth...

If you aren't sure of what POWERMONGER is - check it out HERE

Actually, I tried to remember how far I had gotten in the game back in my school days but couldn't (it is, after all, a VERY long time ago...) Apparently there are 195 territories to conquer - I doubt I got very far!

 Oh. Well that's nice isn't it. Don't get to see this screen as much as I'd like.

 This was from a little while ago. Pretty much two rows are conquered now (except for a VERY annoying map that make me hate EVERYTHING!!!!) 

Cool, that's me for now. Lots of stuff on its way soon, I've got models, miniatures, toys, terrain, book reviews and more retro game footage to come - just let me shake the lurgy first!


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    1. Stupid blogger won't let me edit my poorly proofread comment that I previously posted. What a lot of "P's" in that sentence!

      Here's the fixed up comment,

      How sick are you?!!! Not nearly enough to stop you from blogging mister :D

      I'm only a few months away from bringing my PC back to life, so I'll have to add yet another title to the list of retro games to try......thanks a bunch!!!!

      I remember seeing Powermonger in an old games magazine from around that time, probably C&VG, (which I thought was a great mag in the early issues). But I never tried it, looked good though. Just lacked the funds or a PC to play it in then :(

      On the subject of old games, did you ever play Centurion? That was a fun game from my youth, used to play it with some friends at their house all the time.

      Cheers Ace.

    2. Never too sick to write crap on the internet!

      Getting better now, actually I think it's quite beneficial to be sick now and then as I seem to go into this weird hallucinogenic state that gives me some good ideas (and some bad ones...)

      Did you play Bullfrog's 'Populous'? Powermonger runs on a very similar engine too that. It's a funny game that only seems to appeal to a certain few. Most people I have played it with take one look and dismiss it as dated and simple (it can just look like a bunch of tiny pixel people running around a geometric map)

      I can remember vividly being amazed by the copy a friend showed me back in '92 or so. He wasn't too fussed (and I think we spent the rest of the day playing 'Escape from the Planet of the Robot Monsters or something) But I grabbed a copy of it as soon as poss and had a proper go - awesome.

      I truly think that it was the first time that Peter Molyneux had a go at creating his 'life engine' style of game - with every single person on the map having a name, sex, occupation, age, residence and attributed skills and health stats - rudimentary of course but still impressive.
      Add on to that an incredibly fast and tactical wargame engine, cool sound effects AND realistic weather patterns and you get a very immersive experience!
      You should def play this game =)

      Have I played 'Centurion'?! I'm playing it now!
      Oh yes, I have played 'Centurion' all right, probably the first computer wargame I ever played to think of it!
      Great game, never managed to beat it either. If you like 'Centurion' you should def play 'Rome AD92' - the second or third level sees you as the commander of a garrison invading the Britons! At first it looked clunky and basic, but man, when I started playing around witht he various orders and options... fucking cool!