Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Focke Wulf mission... Vier

My regular gaming buddy is still out of action sadly, meaning that the planes get the love this week and the Hybrid games will have to wait!

Wings, tail fins and nose jobs abound!

Insert part 'A' into receptacle 'B' ... pardon?

All the girls bicker and argue over who has the prettiest nose.

Tail fins on, leaping like plastic dolphins out of a cardboard sea... hmm. Too much German Bier methinks...

 Unsuspecting wings are set upon by a band of wandering clothes pegs.

That reminds me of a song...


 People sometimes ask me what I do with my spare time.
I just tell them I have a lot of building projects around the house...

 Look at the size of the TA152's wings! (yes, the big ones at the back...)

Looking to diversify the content for the next post - see you then!



  1. Heh heh ... a lot of building projects indeed. Good one :)
    I am assuming you are going to air brush this baby or like me are you a paint brush only kind of hobbyist?

    1. Paint brush only I'm afraid! I'd love to have my own airbrush one day but don't have the money or space for one atm!
      To be honest though, I really like brush painting - I like to try 2D techniques on 3D models and see what happens =)