Friday, 25 September 2015

Focke Wulf mission Funf, and other shit.

Hey all.

Here are some progress shots of the three Focke Wulf's =)

Safely contained in their cardbord box, the trio (aided by the ever useful clothes pegs) pose for the camera. You can see the fuselage of the TA152 has been cut and sanded down here and is ready for the cockpit rebuild =)
The size difference between the fighters is pretty plain in this shot. It's amazing to read the spec sheets on various planes throughout the War, even the Spitfire ends up significantly larger and heavier than she started out (and with about 2.5 times as much horsepower!)

Landing gear on! You have no idea how tricky it was to get the Revell/Frog TA152's oleos' and gear to look right... Swearing time. Airfix did a good job on the A8's undercarriage and, as usual, no complaints with the D9 from Academy - basically the same straightforward build as their Fw190 A6-8.
So, what else? Well after Olgier and I rolled up our RoC warbands last weekend I decided some new figures were needed to fill the battlefield!
I haven't given GW my money for about 10 years now (something that isn't about to change...) so a new source of figures was needed. Unfortunately in Wellington there isn't really a lot to go and look at as far as the wargaming scene is concerned, but...

Enter - The 'Caffeinated Dragon' Wataaah! I scoped this shop on the way back to the workshop after a test ride a week or so ago and figured I'd go have a look.
And guess what? They sell Reaper minis! 
 Problem solved =)
 This is where I'm up to about now. The Reaper minis came from the 'Bones' range as I had been wanting to try painting one up for a while now. I plumped for a dastardly looking Elf to become my Dark Elf Wizard and a rather heroic looking Paladin type to fill in for the Griffin Templar for games of Hybrid =)
The Dwarf between them has been in my collection for a long time and used to hang out in my HeroQuest box along with Jim the Jabberwockey and various other assorted guff. He'll be starting his wargaming career as Olgier's Tzeentch loving Chaos Dwarf Champ. 

And yes, the Necromunda project continues...

New to my painting table of woe is this...
Something a bit different for me, we'll see how it goes =)

See you!



  1. Nice looking planes, well done!

    1. Thank you! Hopefully they come out ok =)

  2. What else is a test ride/drive useful for, but looking for hobby supplies? Whenever I had to test drive buses I'd bring a few mates with me and we'd pretend to pull into bus stops. We'd wave goodbye to the people waiting at the bus stop as we left them behind. Ahhh, good (unprofessional) times :D

    I hope your gunna drop that S2000 on it's guts? Personally, I can't make a model car without doing it. Maybe there's something wrong with me?

    Cheers Ace.

    1. Ahh what fiendish hijinks diesel mechanics get up to! Not something I can try on a scooter unfortunately...
      Mind you I would be remiss if I didn't mention raising the odd eyebrow at a passing lady while riding a motorbike my measly wages could never cover =D

      I got the S2000 free from a mate, he's done a bit of work but nothing that wont see me giving it the full Ace treatment =) So no worries, she'll be a one of a kind when I'm through!
      I think I might detail the S2000's progress like the FW190's - IDK? Has that even been interesting? Or would people just rather I posted finished stuff?

      Stay cool!

    2. It's hard to know what people would like see. I get the feeling that most people who look at blogs are happy just to "look", instead of "look & comment".

      But if I could make a couple of suggestion's? I reckon you might want to start up another blog, to run alongside this one. So that you can keep the different hobby interests separate i.e. model building & minis.

      I think blogging is a lot like publishing a magazine (albeit a much more amateurish endeavor), in the sense that you really only get one topic/genre in each mag. To borrow a wise quote from yesteryear "don't cross the streams Venkman!"

      Also, it you want to post more about model kit building, but feel like your not getting enough interest, then maybe you could find a whole bunch of kit building blogs & follow them. They'll more than likely start following you and you'll get more feedback then too.

      But I think splitting the blogs would be a good start, if you to post about both topics alternately? It'll just keep things clearer for your followers.

      Feel free to tell me to go and jump. I'm no expert Blogger that's for sure, I'm just over qualified to speak my mind :D

      Hope this gives you a bit of grist for the mill anyway buddy.

    3. It's a good point (about having another blog) I guess I'm just not sure where that leaves things like the FF book reviews (yeah, yeah I know it's been a while!) and the video games etc?

      The magazine analogy is a good one =) I guess if my blog were a magazine, it would feature both girls in bikini's AND lingerie! =D

    4. The FF reviews & video games are fine alongside with the mini stuff. It's just that the model kit aspect of it's not considered to be in the same genre as fantasy.

      I suppose that's the distinction.

      Anyway, I don't envy you, I couldn't be arsed starting up another's enough for me :D

      All the best buddy :)

  3. From the photo above, the skin tone on the orge/orc-like creatures are looking good. As for the car model, my wish to is find the Toyota Trueno AE86. That car introduced me to the cool world of drifting. :)

    1. Those guys are Necromunda Goliath gangers, although I think 'orc-like' sums them up pretty well!

      A work mate of mine had a Toyota Sprinter AE86 when I was a teenager - although we talked about it a lot we never actually raced each other down the main street =) - I had an 87' Supercharged MR2 - still miss that car...