Saturday, 21 February 2015

Fly the friendly skies!

And in other news...

Success! Another perfect landing =)



  1. Hahaha :D

    Hope the ball turret gunner wasn't napping when all this took place?

    I've gotta play this, like I said to you once before (I think I did? Maybe I dreamt it?), it was on my "want list" when I was a young'n, but I didn't have the cash (or good enough PC) to get it. It's probably my favourite aircraft of all time.....even got a big arse Guillows balsa wood kit when I was about 18, still not finished either >:/

    I'll stop waffling on, great picture, gave me a good laugh, cheers :D

    1. Yeah, we did talk about this game a while back!
      I reckon you'd like it - it's not as flash as the later 'Mighty 8th' game, but it has its charm =)
      I'll be doing a few posts on how the crew were getting along soon - I only get a couple of hours a week to get any gaming done (if I'm lucky!)
      But honestly, go to Abandonware and grab it - it will be downloaded before you can blink!

      The only thing that came close to this was playing 'Their Finest Hour' on my Amiga. You could chose to crew a Ju88, He 111 or Do17z - all had multiple positions for gunners/pilot/nav/bombadier - very cool (but VERY EARLY as far as sound and graphic ability are concerned)
      Love to see some shots of your B17 some time - I have a soft spot for the 'Fort' myself (although if pushed I'd have to say my personal fav is still the Defiant)

      Anyway, the ball turret gunner is fine - he was playing strip poker in the bomb bay with the others, like always! =D