Friday, 6 February 2015

LOTR Mines of Moria pt 2

Batteries charged!

Here are Freudo and the Hobbit-ses precious. With the exception of a couple of 1/72 military figures these would have to be the smallest little plastic people I have ever painted!

Look at their dirty little Hobbit feet! Disgusting. Not being a huge fan of the films I have only recently been able to tell Merry and Pippin apart, but I have to say that the sculptor/s did a good job all round on minis this size.
Sam is def my favourite pose though - armed with his uber deadly frying pan and a Goblin vaporizing stare.
Meanwhile the two twits, Mrs Merry and Pippin brandish their rocks and Freudo fingers his ring...

Ok, so dirty innuendo aside (for now) these figs were a quick paint with Sam being by far the most satisfying. My only regret is that Pippin's colour scheme makes me think he is trying to cosplay Superman...

Never mind precious, give it to us raw and wriggling...



  1. Sams pot turned out nice & shiny, looks good.

    I'm not much of a fan of the films either, the orcs are built up as these terrifyingly capable warriors (dressed in heavy plate armour!) that get cut down like so much wheat......depressing :(

    Oh, and there's far too much man love going on between the hobbits in the "Lord of the rings" to NOT make ring inferences :D

    I'm curious though, if your not a fan of the movies either then why are you painting the little buggers up?

    1. Hey man!

      I once posed the same question to a good friend of mine (who has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of LOTR) when the 'Fellowship' film first screened.

      His answer was that the Uruks unleashed by Saruman were 'newborns' and had very little to no experience in battle (although bred and gestated with all the strength and malevolence Saruman could possibly stuff into them) making their debut battle against Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas and Gimli - collectively four of the most proficient warriors in Middle Earth a bit one sided!
      As far as the Mordor Orcs and Goblins are concerned, they are basically twisted and backstabby - they don't really pack the toughness and stalwart behavior that WHFB Orcs tend to exhibit.

      That was his answer anyway =)

      Why paint them up? I don't know, I just can't stand having a perfectly usable boxed set sitting around - also I guess I have a few friends who are not interested in WHFB etc but are fine with more mainstream stuff? So there should be a battle report or two coming up soon!
      Personally I just love painting things =)