Thursday, 5 February 2015

LOTR Mines of Moria pt 1

"This isn't a mine... it's a TOMB!"

No it's not, it's a boxed set!

Here are the snotty-nosed do-gooders from GW's 'Mines of Moria box (circa... fuck I can't remember back that far... what day is it??)

Sorry, I was going to do the heroic Goblins and their Cave Troll chum but the batteries in my camera decided to run out =(
(Don't worry, I'll get to it later)

Here is... The Smello-ship!

Gandalf came out the best I think. Nothing says 'easy to paint' like grey robes a big beard and hardly any visible skin!
I decided to go with a blue and crimson theme for Boromir as the original black robes weren't doin it for me. Legolas and Gimli were a breeze (mind you I have had PLENTY of practice painting Elves and Dwarf's over the years!) Aragorn was a prick(ly) one as his costume is very drab and there are some odd bits of molding near the figures head that just had me flummoxed (great word that)
But in the end I reckon they will do the job ok =)

Ok so the stupid fat Hobbits are next, I guess I'll wait for the batteries to charge up then... yep.


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