Friday, 1 May 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench...

Bog of eternal terrain pieces more like...

Hey ho, a while ago my friend let slip that he had in his possession all the rules necessary to give RoC a try. Not having had the chance to play 3rd ed WFB back in the day (I'm not THAT old... ok, yes I am...) I got very excited.

Anyway, he had the rules and I had some figures; but we had nothing to fight over!

Being the procrastinatory itinerant comatose that I am, I endeavored to think of the easiest way to make up some suitable battleground terrain - and viola! Le Swamp!

Here are the first of many pieces I hope to get done for this project - all the scenic pieces have to fit on old CD's and be made out of readily appropriated materials; again this has mostly to do with indolence and financial challenge...

 Most of the colour scheme was inspired by a recent trip to Nelson.

 I'll have to do a photo shoot with my recently painted Jabberwockey soon. I like him.

 'We're lost, aren't we?... Walnuts make interesting rocks. I used them because when you can't afford to do it right, you should do it interesting.

 'I claim this land for Spain!'

 I find the best way to simulate trees is to use wood...

 And can anyone name the region of the Empire that this wandering lout hails from (or his shield at least...)

 Big impressive tussock things courtesy of my wife's ingenuity. She's very good at this sort of thing.

 So there we have it, seven done and many to go. I thought I might stop when the entire board is covered evenly with terrain. Then again I could just paint up another board...

 Speaking of the board. Don't ask me why there is a compass set on my floor. IDK.

More Hybrid thrills and spills soon.



  1. That blasted forest looks great Ace! Your right, you can't beat real wood can you. I like the white drybrush effect you've done on branches & rocks etc. It really makes them stand out from the greenery :) looks more a real forest would!

    But the walnut's, I'm not convinced by. I reckon it's coz you can see the neat division between the two halves. Your dead right about the texture, it does look good, it does indeed look "rock like". Maybe if you just used them by halves? I might give that a crack actually. Anyway, that's just my opinion, if I've offended you, you can just tell my to shut the fuck up :D

    I like what you've done Ace, I should get off my arse and make some terrain pieces one of these days too.


    1. Haha! I like that, give walnuts a crack? No pun intended ;)

      Bit of an experiment really, I do like how weird they look though (they rattle when you pick them up too!) It ended up as a 'tactical' decision to be honest - on the one hand I liked the look of a walnut half on the base, it looks like it is sinking into the swamp (might do one later) but the object of the terrain was to break up lines of sight across the board so I had to go with something taller!
      An option might be to use some filler to cover the give-away walnut bits?

      Thanks though - I was really inspired by the mud flats and tidal forests we traveled through on holiday and couldn't wait to get home to make one or to up in miniature =)

      How are you doing anyway? Seems like it's been ages! Any progress on your super hovertank?

      All the best

    2. I'm doing ok, I'm just a bit bored with painting at the moment......has a lot to do with batch painting all those fucking orks! I tell ya what, that's a sure fire way to suck the whole joy out of painting.

      The Hover tank is still in the same state as last time you saw it too, but I'm planning on cracking on with it this week sometime?

      I think from now on I'm just gunna do one mini/project at a time, no matter how excited I get about another idea that pops into this little pea brain of mine :)

      Oh, and I forgot to ask you in my previous comment (I was far too busy trying to pick your hobby skills to pieces), did you use real rocks on the bases? They look good, if you did it reminded of the strange thing about using real rocks for terrain. That is, that you have to paint them to look like rocks....funny how our eyes aren't convinced by their "real rockiness".

      And lastly, that Jabberwocky definitely needs to have a few close up photos taken of him! I've got that mini too, but it's not at the front of my painting queue. Not sure what color I'd paint the little bugger anyway!

      Cheers Ace :)

    3. Yeah batch painting can take it out of you... those Moria Gobbos I did a while back were about as much fun as waxing pubes (er, so I've been told...)

      Yes they are real rocks, and yes - you def have to paint them or else they look like giant cat-litter. I think they were from the model store's railway section and appear to be some sort of sandstone?

      Looking forward to more Hovertank action =)