Friday, 8 May 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench part 2 + Jabberwockey

More smells from the land of stench, and a shot of the er... 'thing' that dwells within them!
Absolutely atrocious weather this week has curtailed my ability to give this terrain a nice matt spray finish - fuck it.
Here is a new one anyway.

Starting on a series of destroyed stone defences/dwellings (Swamp Castle?? - didn't that burn down, fall over and then sink into the swamp?)

 Nothing better than free bits of crap to make more crap out of!

 The way I've photographed this makes me think of that 'lightcycle' bit in Tron...

And here is Jim the Jabberwockey - dweller of swampy terrain and sniffer of smells.
I think he is from the Ral Partha range? Not sure - bought him a loooong time ago with the intention of using him to spice up a Heroquest adventure or two.
Probably a bit too much light on him in this pic - after cleaning him up I was originally going to go for a 'Chaotic' scheme of lurid glowing greens, aaaand then wussed out and went for earthy tones instead =)

I have a couple of weeks planned to do things for other people so prob no terrain for a fortnight - however we should be playing a game of Hybrid this weekend and there will be shots of that for you to peruse =D



  1. Good old Jim, what a guy :)

    I think his earth tone turned out great, you can see other colours mixed in with him too so his not just one flat shade. Your right, he was made by Ral-Partha, but his been reborn at Ironwind Metals. I picked him up from there a couple of years ago quite cheaply. Some arseholes try & flog him off on Ebay as a rare item :/

    Your CD terrain is really coming along Ace, I think it's a great idea to be able to populate your board with this sort of stuff. I'm all for modular terrain.

    Oh, and I have been meaning to suggest this to you for a while now, but wasn't sure if you'd be interested. But, if your not averse to whoring yourself for more follower's, then you should list yourself on the Oldhammer forum blogroll. That way, every post you do will get a plug! It's just that I think your blog deserves more than four follower's Ace. And your content would be right up their alley. It's full of old farts like myself who love old minis etc etc. My forum name on there is Optimus......coz I couldn't think of anything else at the time :)

    Also, thought I'd let you know that I managed to put paint to four of those orks last night, bloody mono pose turds that they are!

    Anywho, looking forward to more debauchery from you in the future Ace.


    1. Well done on the Orks! Post photos asap!

      Girls have to deal with menopause - guys have to deal with monopose - I should probably never say that out loud again...

      The swamp will be taking a back seat to make way for other things for a bit - but don't fret, I will not allow the fetid wetlands of of my imagination dry up completely! More is on the way =)

      And thanks again for your kind words, I have done as you suggested and enrolled (?) at the Oldhammer site =)


  2. Jabberwocky looks very nice indeed and I really like your swamp terrain too. Keep up the good work!

  3. THAT'S what I meant to ask you (stupid brain) - what kind of camera set up did you use for these shots? I like the style!

    1. Set up? That makes it sound like I thought about it or something! =D

      Seriously though - just a couple of lamps (one to each side that I use when I paint) and the base board that I painted for the 'Bog of Eternal Stench' as the background. Set my Fujifilm point and shoot to macro and try not to blur everything!

      This guy tho - has it down for style where miniature photography is concerned! Unbelievable =)