Sunday, 31 May 2015

As promised, more Hybrid!

Had a quick bash at Hybrid again the other day (finally!)

This was the last practice game before we actually start trying to destroy each other for real, so no specific objectives were given to the factions (other than to kill each other)

New rules to learn for this encounter were;

- Tiny and Titan sized troops
- Auras and Mutations
- Army cards
- Event cards
- New troop types and aptitudes
- Event counters to activate

Yeah so apparently I'm supposed to know what I'm doing from now on... oh dear.

Anyway - here are a few shots of the practice for your amusement.

 'Thank you, Thing...'

I simulated being a remote-drone equipped with a camera for this shot. We will be replacing the light fitting later...

Some of the nasties involved in this scrap. "muscular hypertrophy" sounds like what happens when you spend too long playing Halo...

 Sneaking around like a pack of sneaky sneaks wearing sneakers... Nice Blade Runner shot that.

 This is where I screwed my opponents plan up by opening a pit trap right in front of the only access door to the event counters! Oh how we laughed and laughed!

 This is where my glorious attack was halted by a cowardly Executioner and some (very) lucky shooting. There was no laughing. Laughing time is over.

 The, er. Doors?

"Don't fart"

Aaaand on that note;
Cheerio =)



  1. Oh, how I laughed until I stopped :)

    1. Haha! Yeah, we had a blast =)

      What do you think about the game Mr P? We are about to start playing through the first campaign and I wondered what things would be most important to the readers? I don't really think I have time to go 'full battle-report' for each game but if you had any suggestions for a more entertaining read - I'm all ears!

      Looking forward to your next RT flavoured post, and the completion of the custom Deamon Trooper =)


    2. I'm not to sure you wanna take advice from me about how to write a better article ;) might end up with negative followers? But, you have asked, so I'll try and write something semi coherent.

      Here goes,

      Everybody has different tastes when it comes to game reports. I'm not one for long winded, minutely detailed one's....they just bore me to tears & I end up switching off half way through the first paragraph. Conversely, too brief & I end up looking at the pretty picture's instead. This one you just finished is a little brief Ace, but I still liked it. It's got your usual humour in there, but probably needs a bit more fleshing out.

      If you can be arsed, you could try and do a write up like your FF reports. They were damn fine reads! You couldn't go wrong with a format like that, but I suppose they took a bit of time for you to put together? I really enjoyed them. Now that I'm on this subject, where the bloody hell are the other one's you said you were gunna do?!!!!

      Back on topic, whatever direction you decide to take things Ace I'll read it either way, no matter how much verbal diarrhoea you deem fit to sprout :D

      Keep on truckin.

    3. PM sent on the Oldhammer forum.