Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench part 3...

More from the land of Stench!

I managed to get a few shots of the my recent additions to the Bog =)

Now the trick will be trying to wrangle my friends into games of RoC across this vista of farty poop-water.

More tussocks courtesy of my wife =)

I tried out some new materials on this one, little bits of sponge etc.

Waste polystyrene - fucking fantastic!



  1. Looks good Ace,

    Have you got your table ready for these bases to go on? Are you going to use the same technique's on it as you do these bases? So they blend in.


    1. Hey dude!

      Man, a gaming table is a dream that I look forward to one day! My wife and I live in a shoe box =)
      When Olgier and I play games at my place we are precariously balancing the board that I painted up (see the first Bog post entry) on a tiny coffee table and then being V E R Y careful!

      Because of limited space the intention is to simply place the CD bases on to painted but otherwise completely flat base boards. I have a couple of other boards on the go to simulate different environments - I tried to keep the 'Bog' terrain as universal as poss so that it would still look ok on warm or cold base boards.

      I had an idea a while back to do a series of matt paintings for Infinity to be played on as at the end of the game I can just slide the board back under the painting table =)

      So many ideas, so little space and time!

      All the best