Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Focke Wulf - Drei

Some more shots of the triple build, unbelievably busy with things atm - hopefully I will have time to complete this in good time!

Here is the Airfix A8 - lovely fit! No complaints over this - just line it up with the inside ledges and bam! Done =)

Academy's kits are also an easy build at this point - The FW190D-9 was pretty sweet as far as a fit goes. I have to stress how infuriating it is to fit the upper dash panel however! Makes a man say bad words that does... The slot to the rear of the cockpit is for the head armour I think?

And here is the Frog/Revell TA152H1 - By far the easiest build of the lot! (It helps that there is basically no cockpit furniture!) Please note the fuselage behind the Fleiger has been cut down - this kit was designed with a closed canopy and no option for sliding the hood back - the rear of the 'Haube' canopy that this model FW was built with has been molded as part of the fuselage body in this kit, and as such had to go - the hood and screen from the Academy kit seem to be a good fit and will be installed later. (I'll try not to fuck it up...)

It's hard to tell from this pic, but the TA is significantly longer than the previous incarnations, once the wings are on the size difference that around four years of wartime fighter development will become apparent!

Hoping to get some modelling only time in soon - a selection of narcissistic Goliaths are on the table on I have some awesome fashion mistakes ready to paint on them! 



  1. I'm curious as I very rarely (read almost never) assemble vehicles of any kind. Seeing that you are using clips to hold the model plane together I gather you are using plastic glue. Any reason why super glue is not used in this instance? I know this might seem to be a silly question but my experience in assembling vehicles is limited.

    1. Hey! Personally I find Poly cement more forgiving, it just gives me more time to get things like fuselage halves or wings together squarely.
      With super glue (especially the better stuff like 'Hot Stuff' etc) you get almost no time to position and hold the pieces together and that has led to some frustrating clean ups for me. The vinyl kits that I put together have to use super glue as a binder and that always makes me nervous!

      It's a bit more relaxed when I construct metal figures as for some reason the SGlue takes longer to catch and hold the bits and I can always separate them if I need to.
      As to which one has a stronger bind? Eh, no idea! I try not to break my stuff! And to be honest - if I'm constructing something with tricky or weak joins (or heavy pieces) I usually pin them anyway!


    2. Thanks for the info Ace. Much appreciated. I suspected as much that super glue must have been drying too fast. One of the only two vehicles I have ever semi-assembled (the other being an ork truck) was a Chaos Transport and I used super glue on both. Some parts were glued on wrong due to the fast drying LoL :)