Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bog of Eternal Stench part 5... Nobody touch nothin'

The ground beneath your feet is wet and mushy... the air is humid (or frosty - haven't decided yet) and smells like sneaky farts... strange noises fill your ears and you might not be making all of them...

You may have inadvertently invaded; the Bog of Eternal Stench...

Here's the next bit of terrain for my growing (spreading?) swampy mess.
This one enjoyed gluing itself to various parts of my anatomy during its creation.

 Perfectly modelled to fit the foot dimensions of a 28mm figure... actually that was just a happy accident.

 Not where the wild things are. Probably damp.

Cave exit.
Small green bushes arranged like those flying ducks on someone's wall.
Large tussock for impressiveness and extra credit.



  1. Whoa, this is an awesome looking terrain. Very nice! :)

  2. Thank you =)

    I have a few more to go and then we're on to something else!