Friday, 10 July 2015

Bog of Eternal stench part 4 - do you have to let it linger?

Good morning!

First up I'd like to say a humble thank you to all who are stopping by my little pit of insanity. I've had great fun over the last couple of years looking into what you are all up too and being inspired to push my own limits by your dedication to what you do.

The internet would be a more boring place for me without you!

So, to the wetlands?

A standing stone for the Bog has been erected. Long may it stand tall (before it too burns down, falls over and sinks into the swamp...)

 Polystyrene for this series of cheap crappy terrain is brought to you courtesy of a Malossi piston kit...
 A good picnic spot?

 Also, this piece of terrain is useful as a sundial...

New this week to the table are these delightful kits!

Plastic, plastic everywhere...
After completing my Spit MkXIV I decided it might be a good challenge to do a sort of three way 'multi-build' project, you know, something to really fuck me over and have me gibbering in the corner at the end of a hard day =)

The FW190 has always been a favourite of mine and so I've grabbed one of each major design model for the type.
The Ta 152 H is a model I've wanted to give a go for a good long while now so I'm def looking forward to that!

On the gaming front Olgier and I will be playtesting the new rules for his own RPG this weekend, trying desperately to finish Halo3 and with any luck, a game of Hybrid?

We'll see!



  1. That's some fine looking swamp property.

    1. Thank you sir =)

      Looking forward to having a more in depth look around your blog tonight - some good stuff for sure!
      And good on you for tackling JRR in review, very interesting so far.


  2. Christ! They give you stuff all Styrofoam in those piston kits!

    Is that just a bit of real lichen wrapped around the pillar? Looks the goods.

    Regarding the model kits, did I understand it correctly that your going to combine all three of them into one aircraft? If so, what a fucken rippa!!!

    1. Haha!, no all of the terrain has been made from the one styrofoam pack. It was only a 50cc Malossi kit! I recommend them tho - they have neat stepped interiors and interesting round shapes that appeal to the imagination.
      As far as the lichen is concerned, IDK? It could be real, maybe they dry it for sale?

      The original idea was to build all three kits together as a sort of comparison/historical lesson for me, but the idea of smashing three kits together into 'UBERPLANE' is appealing... =)

      Cheers dude!