Saturday, 4 July 2015


Hey all, here is the latest addition to my Necromunda Goliaths - 'Roxette'

Roxette will be joining; Filthy Pete, Mr Goodbye, Rob the Sausage and Flopper in their exciting adventures with 'UltraMaim' (hopefully soon)

Sorry for the recycled photo, I'll finish a few more and then do a sort of 'Band Photo shoot' in the near millennium...
 I had a great time painting this one, like taking a Joyride - It must have been love...

 Spending my time painting minis like this seems Almost unreal. If you ever get stuck for a colour scheme you just Listen to your heart...

From any angle - He's Got the Look...

That's enough of that I think...
No HYBRID this week I'm afraid - Olgier is needed elsewhere so the minions of the Heresiarch will just have to shuffle aimlessly down empty corridors by themselves for a bit.

More terrain to come and the P51D is almost ready! Wally has his stick gripped firmly between his legs and err... 

As you were then.



  1. He looks ace Ace!!! :)

    Nice pasty faced hombre, looks like he's in need of a serious blood transfer :D

    Great job!

    1. Thanks dude, he came together pretty quickly (for one of my jobs anyway...) =)

      Had a chance to do any gaming yet?

    2. Yeah, played a three way battle over the weekend. It was a scenario thought up by my mate. Consisting of Orks, Beastmen & human gangers. I took photos, but their a bit crap. Not sure if I'll do a batrep or not. But it was a lot of fun.

      Then we played an RT infiltration game with the Space Hulk tiles.

      All in all it was a great day. This weekend should be more of the same.

      Thanks for asking Ace :)


  2. That's a great paint job - especially the face. The scarring and the stubble are superb. Can't wait to see more.

    1. Thanks man =)
      When I first got into Necromunda I remember thinking how much I hated the Goliath minis... now they are by far my favourites!

      I think its because they remind me of Lord Humugus?

    2. Reminds me of my cousin. When the second Mad Max came out he used love saying at every opportunity "That big fat tank of gas" in as deep a voice as he could muster. Cracked me up every time.

    3. Fuck that movie is the best!
      Your cousin didn't resemble Humugus as well did he??

    4. Sorta, he was an ugly fucka :)