Friday, 14 August 2015

Focke Wulf Mission - Swei

Some progress from the Focke Wulf project, next up - cockpits!

 At this point I'm not totally sure how I want the dioramas to look when done - but I think a mixture of pilots in and out of their seats would be the most challenging =)

Lovely cockpit design from Airfix (as it should be - this kit is less than 5 years old) Everything fits nicely - they have gone for the decals instead of molded gauges route - not a fan personally.

Woah. Lots going on in the Academy kits first few diagrams. I'm a big fan of this companies cockpits, molded gauges and a decent amount of detail - no pilot though, so we'll be using a figure from the Airfix Luftwaffe crew set. 
 And here we have the Frog kit - crazy diagrams from a time long before I was spawned...

After a bit of glue and swearing you end up with this...

So, there you go. Two empty cockpits (one with a tail) and a Flieger on a little seat...


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