Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Space Crusade; VICTORY!

Just a quick post on a rainy day.

After trying for YEARS to beat Gremlin's Space Crusade on my Amiga 500 I have finally fought my way through the cold, dark corridors of the space hulks and emerged victorious on the other side!

Yay me =)

Here are a few screen caps (something no one here had heard of in 1993...) of the last mission - sorry that they aren't that good, I was so caught up in the action that I forgot to take a pic most of the time!

And just to set the mood...

Excellent =)


UltraMarines for the win!

Maxed out my Commander - only one mission separates him from eternal glory (er, the being alive kind that is...)

 Big boys play with big toys. I always liked the Power axe/bolt pistol combo - bit of a gambit but so much more flexible than the other options.

Cube of Chaos you say eh?? Sounds suspicious, better get on over there and give it a big whack with a Power Axe!

 That would be said 'Cube' then...

"Oh, sorry wrong room..."

 "Avon calling!"

I don't know what it is, but when I look at these walls it just makes me think I'm wandering around a gigantic wine cellar.

Just shy of 100pts but a wins a win! 

And that's a wrap! Sorry for my errant hand in the photo... I believe he's just promoted me to 'Captain SUPREMUS' =)

 Yep, Captain Supremus it is! Top of the heap, king of the castle! Too bad about all the marines that didn't make it... I'll never forget... um... old, um... old whatsisname...

 Nothing like a checklist full of ticks! (Not the insect kind)

Cool. I haven't had a lot of time for many games atm but hopefully will get back to some sporadic Powermongering and maybe even a game of Castles?


  1. Action Replay Cartridge, thats how I did screen capture, back in 93.

    1. Ah interesting! I always wondered how the magazines managed to get such clear shots of the games for their articles. Unfortunately for me I was trapped in the middle of 'never-never-land' New Zealand in the 90's, and such devices were only things of legend...

      Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Memories are rushing back into my mind just seeing these screen shots. VGA? Heck I wanted SVGA. Back in my day whole games were crammed into 16K to 64K. ^_^

    1. Haha! Yeah I know - I can't believe how much they achieved with so little space back then - and I still love these games!

  3. Yet another one for me to add to the list :)

    I played the Space Hulk clone one a few years back, that sucked a good many hours out of me I tell ya!

    Cheers Ace.

    1. Space Hulk was mind blowing when it came out - I haven't managed to get a working version to play but when I do those hours are as good as gone!