Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Kroot Huntress

Another RT character to explore the grim dorkness of the WH40K universe with =)

I sketched out the idea for this mini quite a while ago and built the main parts up but then, as usual, put her in a box and forgot all about it!

Here she is, scouting out in the wastes of Rigel's Ridge.

 This is the first time I have used a snow technique on a model - I'm really pleased!

Her rifle is made out of multiple Kroot rifles and a few bits of 2nd Ed Space Marine gear.

 This shot is a bit like 'Napoleon crossing the Alps'... if the alps were a sub-tundra swamp. And Napoleon was a female humanoid lizard from space...

Glowing blue balls and a hunk of meat. What else could a girl ask for?

 "It's not dandruff, it's snow...'

 I putty molded the skull of some past prey to adorn her head with.
Skulls are the universal attire of the bad ass.

Trying out a new back drop to compliment the bog of stench terrain, I think it looks suitably arctic!
I should probably model up a sort of polar fox or something for scenes like this... do I even have time for shit like that?

I'm not sure what happened to my camera's temperature meter?? Some of the shots came out a bit 'warmer' than I was going for? =(

Ok so that's that.
A larger scale project is all finished and ready for the next post - and I have been beavering away like a, er, beaver, on the three Focke Wulf's and will set up some progress shots of them soon =)

Stay frosty;



  1. Yo Ace,

    I really liked those Kroot minis, their awesome alien proxies. I should try and grab a bunch of them at some stage (minis that is :p) & kitbash a few up too?

    Regarding the camera, you might have had the "white balance" setting on auto? So as you moved your camera around it may have switched on you. Try setting it manually to the white balance that you want, so your camera can't fuck it up.

    Oh, and before I go (figuratively), could you tell how you came up with the name for your blog? I think it sounds cool, but for the life of me I can't figure out how you came up with it. Is it me? Is my IQ too low? I hope it's a bloody hard thing to figure out...just so my ego doesn't take a beating :)

    Cheers big ears.

    1. Hey dude, long time!

      Yeah I think you're right about the camera's WB - I think I must have gotten a bit low and had too much of the bulbs light hitting the sensor - oh well, it does pretty good for an inexpensive P&S!

      Def try and grab some Kroot minis! They are awesome to work on (being quite big for 28mm) I've made all sorts of monstrosities with the bits that came in the 'Carnivore' box =) The heads are good as terrain detail too - for gargoyles and such.

      Haha! No I don't think there's anything wrong with your IQ (mine on the other hand...)
      I'd be amazed if anyone got the reference, it actually surprises me that I remember it!

      Waaaaaaay back in 94' WD 174 came out - one of the first WD's I actually ever bought. If you have a copy, flick to the Golden Demon section in which Mike McVey talks about what it takes to win a Golden Demon and generally gives some pretty badass advice.
      There is this one sentence where he talks about colour schemes for GD entries and says;
      "a brown skinned Orc or a bright pink Space Marine are never going to win anything."

      That statement never sat well with me (don't get me wrong, I have no beef with Mr McVey, his work is awesome and he was one of my teenage heroes) But it just stayed there, in my head, that there was this idea that things could only be a certain way to be considered worth anything.

      And that's where 'Brown Orc Pink Space Marine' comes from =)


    2. Yippie!!!! I'm not dumb......much :)

      Very clever Ace, mines just a reference to the film "Death in Brunswick". You remember that movie?

      Keep on truck in.

    3. Haha! Yeah, it's either an 'inspired' title or an 'insipid' one I guess =)

      'Mr Papafakis' I always thought that maybe it was your surname?
      I have to confess to never having seen 'Death in Brunswick' - I know of the name and can't believe that there is a Sam Neil movie I haven't seen?!