Friday, 21 August 2015

The Castle 'Aaargh!'

Well actually this is the castle 'Ploppy' (look, it was a long day alright...)

Managed to find a working copy of 'Castles' from 91', a game I was simultaneously fascinated by and frustrated with as a kid.

I'm not sure if there are any castle building/defending/management sims that came out before this?

Just a quick post to start things off - I'm dead set on finally trying to finish this game, a feat beyond my skills and patience as a lad!

To get in the er... mood?

Great building theme that is =)

Here's a few early shots of the mighty fortress 'Ploppy' - I'm only playing as a Duke trying to finish a single castle in a fantasy realm (options include single, triple and eight castles to build - three levels of difficulty and the option of building in medieval or fantasy realms)

Here she is at the start - I made a mistake and ended up with the army digging a moat on the inside of the walls... sigh

Winter and the men are still working shirtless. Those hardy, sturdy, stupid men. Hurry up and finish my dungeon!

 And this happens every Winter... it's a bit nippy outside so everyone and their dog (pictured lower right) hangs out at my place and eats all the food... GET BACK TO WORK!

"This new learning amazes me Sir Bedevere... tell me again how sheep bladders can prevent earthquakes"

I only have a little time to play this one - but have made more progress than I ever used to back in the day! ATM I am also trying desperately to take over the world (Pinky...) in Bullfrog's Powermonger, and trying desperately not to get shot to tiny pieces in Aces over Europe - fuck me but that's a hard game!



  1. I seem to recall playing this on my mates PC way back when. But I don't think I played much of it?

    Yet another one to add to my "Aces' game recommendation" list.

    Cheers pal :)

    1. It's a strange fish to be sure, but after nursing your fledgling castle through thick and thin it really starts to get personal when marauding baddies come to undo all your hard work! Death to the infidels! =)

  2. I played a lot of games during the early days of the PC Gaming revolution but I must admit I have never heard of this game before. Those badly pixelated graphics sure bring back memories. I still remember the day when I first heard sound ... proper sound from a sound card and not Midi sounds ... from a game. The game was Day of the Tentacle and the sounds were amazing, back then that is. Now sound is taken for granted. Back then a sound card was a luxury many could not afford. :)

    1. I never had a PC when I was younger, a lot of my friends did - I don't think any of them had this game though?
      On the Amiga the sound was pretty decent (for 1991!) But I have to admit - using a contemporary computer to run this game sure makes the loading and saving a whole lot quicker!

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